Start the year with worksheets and digital activities that aren’t boring or time-fillers.

Hit the ground running without spending hours
building your own resources or redoing someone else’s.

So instead of this:

  • Wrestling with Word to create worksheets
    from scratch.
  • Running an ancient handout through the
    photocopier (again).
  • Scouring the net for something better than
    ‘that’ll do’.
  • Scrambling to find old lesson plans that
    ‘might just work’ this year.

Equals spending 10 plus hours every week


You’re doing this:

  • Signing up for a trial.
  • Downloading any or all of the THOUSANDS of teacher-made activities, worksheets, and certificates.
  • Accessing to digital activities that trigger
    lightbulb moments.
  • Knowing you’ve got your first month’s worth
    of resources covered.

Equals less than 1 hour right now

“But what makes your
resources so darn good?”

There are 3 reasons why over 1 MILLION teachers
choose 3P Learning’s resources to support learning in their classrooms:



Avoid ambushing students with irrelevant ideas, or throwing the imperial system at them.



Created by teachers who know what does and doesn’t work in real-world classrooms.

Endless variety

Covering all topics, and ready to extend and support students at every stage in their learning journey.

Mathematics and Literacy


For ages 4-16


Best for…
Setting targeted practise
and engaging students with
critical thinking and
problem-solving and reasoning.


For ages 3-9


Best for…
Introducing and engaging
early learners with
beginner numeracy.


For ages 5-13

Available worldwide
(excluding USA and Canada).

Best for…
Giving students a huge
variety of online books so
they can fall in love
with reading.


Make a good impression with instantly engaging resources you can rely on.

Don’t waste your energy on resources – invest it in the fresh faces of your new class.

Start a trial of any or all of our programs and get a term’s worth of engaging activities ready to go