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Mathletics is the only comprehensive mathematics program that provides instant access to thousands of digital and physical activities for practice, fluency and critical thinking in one place.

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Mathletics is perfect for

Districts and school groups

Comprehensive mathematics coverage and ease of use make our program a flexible and reliable tool to meet your school groups’ unique challenges.

Schools and teachers

From early learner numeracy to problem-solving and reasoning, Mathletics provides an engaging and rewarding way for students to learn mathematics.

Parents and home users

Find thousands of engaging activities that make learning mathematics at home fun and rewarding.

Why educators and
learners love Mathletics


Engaging learning experiences

Engaging mathematics activities that make learning last

Set students fun and engaging activities that motivate students to continue practising and developing their mathematics skills and knowledge.


Student progress tracking

Simple tracking tools makes gathering student insights easier

View your students strengths and struggles in single-view reports that provide you the opportunity to gather meaningful insight.


Homework assignment

Quick activity assignment and reassignment make homework easy

Set homework with a few clicks, and reassign activities students are struggling with to reinforce their in-class learning.

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Loved by 3.5 million+ students’


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