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World Maths Day is over for another year!

Thank you to everyone that took part in World Maths Day 2023.

World Maths Day 2024 has been moved to later in the year to better align with school calendars across the globe. Stay tuned for updates!

If your school is not already subscribed to Mathletics, you can sign up for a free school trial where you will have access to the Live Mathletics platform (plus thousands of other curriculum activities!) and can carry out your own school-wide competition during the length of your trial.

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world maths day 48-hour online maths event

48-hour online
maths event

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Free for all students

world maths day for school age children age 5 to 18

Ages 5 to 18

Join World Maths Day 2023
Compete against students across the globe in a worldwide celebration of mathematics
how to take part in world maths day
They earn 1 point for each correct answer that goes towards their World Maths Day score
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Take on the challenge as an individual or as a school, and earn
a spot on the World Maths Day Hall
of Fame

World Maths Day Prizes

iPad 256GB (9th Gen)

Top Student in each Global Year/Grade​

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World Maths Day trophy

Top 3 Students in each Global Year/Grade​​

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$250USD 3P Vouchers​

Top School in each Global Year/Grade​​​

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