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Reading Eggs is the literacy program that makes reading fun, engaging and rewarding for early learners.

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Here’s why teachers around the world rely on Reading Eggs

Engaging stories and activities

Find over 2500 stories, games, activities and downloadables for students to fall in love with.


Simple differentiation

Access quality resources for students of all reading abilities, interests, and skills.


Progress tracking

Demonstrate your students’ progress through powerful data and simple reporting.


Entertaining homework

Assign engaging activities, exciting reading tasks, and find hundreds of printable resources to send home with your students.


Focus on Phonics

Reading Eggs’ dedicated synthetic phonics program, Fast phonics, reinforces key phonics skills including letter-sound recognition, blending, spelling skills, nonwords, syllables and reading captions.


Designed to inspire the reader in every student

Reading Eggs is built on an evidence-backed practice that keeps students engaged with the five essential elements of reading.


Reading Eggs makes literacy fun for the whole class

  • Set individual learning pathways that encourage students to keep exploring

  • Use extension activities to take students to the next level

  • Find supplementary resources to develop and reinforce additional skills

  • Set work at the right level of challenge to maintain learning momentum

  • Focus on key skills with phonics and phonemic awareness

  • Use animated lessons, rewards and instant feedback to nurture intrinsic motivation

  • Track student development and identify learning gaps

  • Find additional teaching resources for all year levels

  • Improve on blended learning with digital and physical resources

What teachers have said about Reading Eggs

Verdict: fun, interactive and challenging, helps inform planning, keeps children motivated…
“After using Reading Eggs in my class, students are enjoying reading more.”
Stephanie W, Teacher
Whether you want to read a “big book” to the class, have students work on individualised lessons tailored to their needs, or do a class lesson on grammar and phonics, Reading Eggs has you covered.

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Perfect for schools and teachers looking to engage their early learners with the essential elements of reading and literacy

  • Pedagogically driven

  • Automated marking and reporting

  • Powerful data and insights

  • Hundreds of resources

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