Engage your early learners with mathematics

Mathseeds was designed by educators to captivate and guide young minds through beginner’s numeracy through understanding numbers, basic addition, subtraction and multiplication.

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Here’s why 5000+ teachers choose Mathseeds for their students

Engaging activities

Mathseeds blends eye-catching designs and best-practice gamification to keep students engaged.


Differentiated learning

Fun tests, activities and reporting tools make it simple to set students on the right learning path.


Reliable resources

Pick from hundreds of activities, workbooks and downloadables designed to meet the learning needs of all students.


Fluency and problem-solving

Build students confidence with fluency and test their critical thinking with problem-solving and reasoning to help them achieve their next best.


Nurture independent learning through explicit instruction

Each Mathseeds lesson begins with simple step-by-step instructions followed by guided practice activities. Once students are confident with their new learning, they can attempt autonomous practice and continue to develop their mathematics skills.


Mathseeds makes mathematics fun for the whole class

  • Teacher-assigned lessons and open progression push students to their next personal best

  • Encourage critical thinking through problem-solving and reasoning activities

  • Reinforce their skills through engaging fluency lessons

  • Keep students at the right level of challenge with individual learning pathways

  • Set Mental Minute fluency activites to build mathematics skills and confidence

  • Access engaging audio-visual and character driven activities to delight and inspire

  • Find a better understanding of students’ skill development

  • Differentiate learning and encourage autonomy

  • Bridge knowledge gaps with instant feedback

What teachers have said about Mathseeds

“My pupils are very motivated by Mathseeds. They find it fun and interesting while they are learning.”
MIchelle P
“Finally, a maths programme that is both kid-friendly and academically sound. My students and teachers love it!”
Disguy Sedso, UK Elementary Mathletics teacher
“I love it and my pupils ask me to do Mathseeds everyday. They say it’s “cool” and the best maths games ever.”
Somme Craz Eladi, Canadian Mathletics teacher

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Perfect for schools and teachers looking to engage their early learners with the basics of mathematics and numeracy

  • Pedagogically driven

  • Automated marking and reporting

  • Powerful data and insights

  • Hundreds of resources

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