Support and information for our shareholders. This area contains useful information and contact details for existing and prospective shareholders of 3P Learning.

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The 3PL Share Register is managed by Link Market
Services. If you are a 3PL shareholder,
they are your go-to for a range of shareholder services.

Through Link Market Services, you can:

• enquire about your current shareholding or shareholding history
• enquire about dividend payments/ dividend payment history
• change address details
• notify or modify banking instructions, direct credit details etc
• notify Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN) details
• nominate preferences for receipt of shareholder communications such as our Annual Report.

Shareholders can access login to Link Market Services here with either their Security Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) to verify their identity.

Shareholder Communications Notice

Shareholder Communications

Dear Shareholders

There have been recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) that set out the options available as to how you receive communications from 3P Learning Limited (“3PL”).

3PL will no longer be sending shareholders physical meeting documents unless you request a copy to be posted.

3PL encourages all shareholders to provide an email address to Link Market Services (“Link”) so that we can communicate with you electronically when shareholder notices become available online, including for items such as meeting documents and Annual Reports.

Shareholders can easily make or update their communication preferences to receive documents electronically or physically.

Shareholders can also elect not to be sent Annual Reports which can be accessed electronically here.

For all documents, shareholders can contact Link and elect to receive a physical or electronic form at any time.

How to review your communication preferences or request physical documents
To review your communications preferences or sign up to receive your shareholder communications via email, please visit


If you are a shareholder and wish to obtain an additional copy of a communication, or need more information about the options available to you, please contact Link Market Services

Your team at 3P Learning

30 June 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy or sell 3P Learning shares. How can I do this?

If you wish to trade securities and shares on the Australian Stock Market, you will need to contact a licensed stockbroker or online broker to arrange the transaction. There are many broking providers that you may choose from, most of whom can be found on the ASX website. If your securities are broker sponsored and you are wishing to make a trade on these securities you must contact the sponsoring broker.

How can I find out more information about my shares?

The 3P Learning share register is managed by Link Market Services (LMS). LMS provides a number of services which can be accessed online. For full details, visit Link Market Services (LMS).

What is 3P Learning’s ASX code?

3P Learning’s stock carries the ASX ticker code 3PL.

How can I obtain a copy of 3P Learning’s Annual Report?

A copy of the annual report can be downloaded in the Financials section of this website. The report is available for download in PDF format.

Alternately, printed copies of the Annual Report can be mailed out. If you would like a printed copy of the report, please contact us at : 3P Learning Investors Department, 655 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040.

How can I get further information about 3P Learning?

The company’s Annual Report (which includes the Chairman’s Report and Financial Statements), is a key source of information about 3P Learning.

You can access previous versions of the Annual Report on this site or by e-mailing Additional information about the company, such as financial information and presentations by executives, can be found within the investor centre of this website.

Alternatively, you may wish to view the About Us section of our website.

What is the 3P Learning’s privacy policy?
  • You can view shareholder specific information below.
  • If you are a customer or user of 3P Learning products and resources, you can read about our approach to privacy and data security here.
Should I attend the AGM?

The AGM is an opportunity for shareholders to partake in the decision making process of 3P Learning. At the AGM, you will be asked to vote on important issues and will be provided with an opportunity to put questions to the Board of Directors. The Board and Management encourage attendance at the AGM by shareholders, or for shareholders to submit completed proxy forms which come attached to the Annual Notice of Meeting.

Is my vote lost if I cannot attend the AGM?

No. In the weeks leading up to the AGM, you will receive a proxy form, which gives you the chance to submit your vote by mail. If you are unable to attend the AGM you will be asked to complete the proxy form by a specified date before the AGM.

Privacy statement for shareholders

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