Meet the 3P Learning Board of Directors

The Directors bring to the Board relevant experience and skills,
including industry and business knowledge, financial management
and corporate governance experience.


Matthew Sandblom
Non-executive Chairman

Mr Sandblom is an education entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience building successful companies. He started his first company, Pascal Press, in 1989 to publish school workbooks and study guides. Since then he has founded or co-founded many successful companies including Blake Education, Clickview, 3P Learning and Blake eLearning. Matthew is driven by the idea of producing resources for students that deliver on the promise that they provide better ways to learn than other products.


Sam Weiss
Independent Non-Executive Director

Sam has over 20 years of experience in senior management and directorship with broad industry experience in education, technology and retail companies in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia.

Current directorships of ASX listed companies include: Chairman of Altium Limited.

Joined 3P Learning in July 2014.


Claire Hatton
Independent Non-Executive Director

Claire brings 20+ years of experience in strategy and operations to her role.She has previously held senior roles at Google, Travelport and

Her current directorships include a board position with Full Potential Labs. Claire was named UK Person of the Year in 1998 for her work as Chief Representative, Indonesia for Qantas & British Airways.

Joined 3P Learning in July 2014.


Mark Lamont
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mark brings deep experience in the global education and EdTech sectors with particular expertise in technology and Internet applications for education, international markets and strategic planning.

His current directorships include a non-executive directorship of Education Services Australia Limited, a public company owned by the state and federal governments, and a Board position with World Mosaic.

Joined 3P Learning in March 2018.