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How To Take Technology-Rich Teaching Back To The Classroom

Although we’re set to face a whole host of challenges on our return to the classroom, there will be some remote teaching challenges we’ll be glad to leave behind. But technology shouldn’t be one of them. They were hard-won, but we now have a host of new technological skills in our teacher toolkits. We owe […]

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For early to secondary learners


For ages 4–16

Mathletics is an engaging mathematics program that teachers and students love. Find thousands of resources and activities to develop students’ fluency and critical thinking skills.

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For early learners


For ages 3–9

Mathseeds develops early numeracy skills with captivating activities covering number sense, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

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For early learners

Reading Eggs

For ages 5–13

Reading Eggs was created by experienced teachers to help students become confident readers and develop a lifelong love of reading – and it’s proven to work in just 15 minutes a day!

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