Mathletics Features

A few of the reasons Mathletics is loved by thousands
of teachers
and over one million students.


Engage and challenge students with gamified activities

Set activites that blend extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to maintain your students learning motivation and momentum.

Save time with automation and readily available resources

Mathletics instantly marks your students work and has a library full instantly accessible digital and physical resources.

Find data-driven reporting to make learning personal

See your students strengths and struggles
so you can personalize their learning pathways.

Mathletics Skill Quests

Support learning with activities for early to secondary learners

Keep students engaged for their entire school journey with activities and challenges that grow as your students do.

Mathletics Skill Quests

Reinforce learning with Skill Quests

Access hundreds of questions designed to promote mathematics fluency, all mapped to your local curriculum standards.

Nurture critical thinking with Problem-Solving and Reasoning

Set activites that challenge critical thinking and allow students to express their working out in their own way.

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