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mathletics product

Mathletics | Ages 6-14 | Available worldwide

A comprehensive mathematics program covering the basics like addition and subtraction, up to advanced mathematics concepts like algebra and geometry.

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Mathseeds | Ages 3-9 | Available worldwide

Focused on early learners, Mathseeds covers core mathematics concepts through interactive lessons, songs, videos, and makes connections between numbers and the real world.

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readiwriter spelling literacy program

Readiwriter Spelling | Ages 5-12 | Available in AU, NZ, UK, EU, ME, US, CA and Asia

The rich spelling and vocabulary program with over 11,000 words, pre-built word lists including Dolch, OWL, Fry and NZCER, engaging activities, live testing and automated marking.

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Reading Eggs' Fast Phonics program for teaching phonics to early learners

Reading Eggs | Ages 5-7 | Available in AU, NZ, UK, EU, ME, ZA and Asia

An engaging and rewarding literacy program filled with games and activities for early learners. Including over 2000 online books with comprehension quizzes, worksheets, songs and exciting animations,

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Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggspress | Ages 7-13 | Available in AU, NZ, UK, EU, ME, ZA and Asia

Designed to develop students’ skills in reading, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, Reading Eggspress contains 2500+ books, step-by-step comprehension strategies, and over 200 lessons.

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wordflyers secondary literacy program

WordFlyers | Ages 13-16 | Available in AU and NZ

The critical literacy program designed to reinforce, strengthen and build literacy, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing and reading comprehension skills in older students.

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“I just wanted to let the Management know what an asset Holly Bennetts is to your company.  She was so helpful by providing multiple quotes, prior to the COVID-19 madness.  Then, her responsiveness during the rush to set everybody up before schools went into alternative at home learning methods was second to none.  She answered any questions we had, and helped us problem solve.  Thank you Holly.”
“Hi Tracey,

Thank you so much for your assistance. 

I’ve had staff members comment on how fantastic the Mathletics PL was. They loved your presentation and it has definitely inspired them to trial some of the features you spoke about.

Thank you once again for coming out to Mount Hawthorn to share your knowledge with us. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“I would like to let you know how much I appreciate Rita, she has always been and continues to be an amazing help. She is polite and goes out of her way to assist me. It makes things so much easier for me and I thought that I would pass this on to you.”
“Hi Maggie!

Thank you very much for checking in with me!  I am absolutely loving what I can do on Mathletics, and more importantly, the children are loving it!”


Yes! You can trial any or all of our programs free for 30 days.
Yes! Each of our blended teaching programs can be accessed from a home laptop or tablet, and each program has a mix of physical and digital resources for students to work on.
Yes! Our programs were designed to be simple and easy – but if you’d like extra help, our team is ready and available to get your class set up.
No! Your trial is obligation free – no credit card required.
Yes! You can get up and running with Mathletics and Readiwriter Spelling by yourself in minutes. For our other programs, one of our Customer Success team will be in contact ASAP to get your class or school set up.
Yes! Our programs are used (and loved) by millions of students and relied on by thousands of teachers worldwide.

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Students currently enjoying distance learning

“Sunday morning Mathletics in your PJs for Elsie.”

“Henryk doing some Mathletics this weekend!”

“Miles is obsessed with doing mathletics at the minute.”

Reading Eggs has been so engaging that Ed refuses to stop to go to the toilet!

Trying to secure online learning for our children and @mathletics3pl have been amazing. We’ve only done the free trial at school, but what support…I can see some companies ethos shining through.
Wow! 69 books have been read so fast on the Reading Eggs app/website! @readingeggs @3Plearning It was only launched whole school today.
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