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Package | For schools and classes
managing distance learning

Available in AU, NZ, UK, ZA, CA and US.

Adjusting to remote classrooms can be difficult, with disruption to teaching practices and student learning outcomes. We’ve designed this package to support educators overcome potential challenges and provide the opportunity to thrive during this time.

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Here’s how our package gets you
started fast and with confidence:


1. Choose to access any
or all of our products

Find your preferred programs from our range of
edtech solutions covering mathematics and literacy. Aligned to curricula the world over, with
thousands of activities suitable for students between
the ages of 4-14, we’ve got something that every
teacher can rely on and every student can find
meaning and challenge in.

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2. We work with you to set
up your school or class

We’ll be in touch with you ASAP to give you one-on-one guidance on how to set up your school or class, upload your students, and give you a tour with any of our products to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence you need to begin your distance learning journey.

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3. Why choose 3P Learning? There are a lot of software options out there.

A lot more than when we started over a decade ago. But we’ve learned over the past 10 years that it’s about more than having just another digital platform. It’s about understanding the challenges that teaching brings today. That is why our focus is on the additional support we can offer.

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Our suite of education programs

Designed by educators for educators, our programs
are loved by teachers and students the world over.


For early to secondary learners


For ages 4–16

Mathletics is an engaging mathematics program that teachers and students love. Find thousands of resources and activities to develop students’ fluency and critical thinking skills.

Available worldwide

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For early learners


For ages 3–9

Mathseeds develops early numeracy skills with captivating activities covering number sense, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Available worldwide

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For early learners

Reading Eggs

For ages 5–13

Reading Eggs was created by experienced teachers to help students become confident readers and develop a lifelong love of reading – and it’s proven to work in just 15 minutes a day!

Available worldwide

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Your new support network


Customer success team

The customer success team at 3P Learning are
experts in our suite of products. Providing one-on-
one onboarding and resources to get you the most out of your programs, your customer success team is here to provide the confidence and support you need to thrive during distance learning.

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Education specialists

Our education specialists have over a hundred years
of teaching experience between them. Coming from
a range of disciplines and having served in a number
of roles at different schools, their experience,
expertise and pedagogical knowledge is being
shared twice a week in live webinars, and recorded
for later viewing.

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Teacher empowerment

We help schools and teachers get the most out
our mathematics programs by empowering teachers. Through extra resources, professional development webinars, and regular educational content, we aim to
keep teachers at the heart of the class and give them
the tools they need to make lessons exceptional.

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testimonial-digital-accelerator 1

Miles is obsessed with doing mathletics 
at the minute.

testimonial-digital-accelerator 2

Reading Eggs has been so engaging that 
Ed refuses to stop to go to the toilet!

testimonial-digital-accelerator 3

Henry doing some Mathletics this weekend!

testimonial-digital-accelerator 4

Sunday morning Mathletics in your PJs for Elsie.