Mathseeds helps educators demonstrate their students’ progress with essential maths skills like Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability

Simple Reporting

View results for the entire classroom or for an individual student with our intuitive reporting dashboard!

Fun Assessments

Assign Driving Tests to check on your students progress in a fun, motivating and exciting way.

Easy Task Assignment

Give your class differentiated or personalised work in just a few clicks from one screen.

Adaptive Learning Model

Set students tasks that provide the right level of challenge automated placement and progression

For Teachers

  • Ability to assign lessons & tasks to students

  • Access to an impressive bank of teaching resources

  • Worksheets & teacher guides for every lesson

  • Access to student demonstration mode for use on interactive whiteboards

  • Detailed reporting of student usage, participation & progress. Check on progress at any time throughout the year in just a few clicks

For Students

  • Engaging, motivating and fun! Packed with rewards & incentives

  • All students can experience success and take pride in their achievements.

  • Placement test to match skill level, with the ability to progress along individual learning journeys at their own pace

  • Highly interactive games using digital manipulatives to model each new skill and strategy

Keep track of your student’s progress with a free 30-day trial of Mathseeds!

Explore Mathseeds in your own time, or book in a free demonstration to kick off your trial. We’ll take you through all the ways you can demonstrate your student’s progress at any point throughout the school year in just a few clicks!