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Designed to capture and captivate young minds, Mathseeds blends child-friendly imagery, best-practice gamification and rewards to excite early learners as they begin their mathematics learning journeys


For teachers

  • Ability to assign lessons & tasks to students
  • Access to an impressive bank of teaching resources
  • Worksheets & teacher guides for every lesson
  • Access to student demonstration mode for use on interactive whiteboards
  • Detailed reporting of student usage, participation and progress. Check on progress at any time throughout the year in just a few clicks

For students

  • Engaging, motivating and fun! Packed with rewards and incentives
  • All students can experience success and take pride in their achievements.
  • Placement test to match skill level, with the ability to progress along individual learning journeys at their own pace
  • Highly interactive games using digital manipulatives to model each new skill and strategy

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