An unparalleled blend of dynamic, teacher-led
instruction and student-driven learning.

Targeted diagnostics

Built-in diagnostic assessment ensures each student works through activities at the appropriate level and at their own pace.

Unique learning experiences

Features over 2500 interactive digital activities that progressively build new skills and strategies.

Explicit instruction

Concepts taught use both systematic and explicit instruction, supported by guided practice and skill development.

Comprehensive teacher toolkit

All lessons supported by teacher notes and student worksheets. Features over 100 posters and nearly 300 online books for K-2.

Targeted content

  • Progressive lessons contain content that is aligned to key global curriculum outcomes.
  • Features 180 sequential lessons covering Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Improved outcomes through robust reporting

  • Instant feedback on student growth with automated assessment and reporting, including feedback at a student, class and school level.
  • A comprehensive suite of reports track student growth over time.

Encourage student engagement

  • Built-in reward games motivate students to make real progress.
  • All students can experience success and take pride in their achievements.
  • A wide range of motivational elements and engaging characters keep students learning.
  • Students can view their rewards earned and shop for decorations with their golden acorns.

Gamified learning experiences

  • Game leader boards motivate students to continue their success.
  • Highly interactive games using digital manipulatives to model each new skill and strategy.

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