100+ Spelling Bee Words That Can Make Every Student Feel Like a Spelling Champion


When choosing a spelling bee word list, or training students to compete in a spelling bee, we have to face a simple fact:

Spelling is more than memory work.

There isn’t a big enough list or enough time to have students recall every single word that could be thrown to them.

Instead, we have to present spelling words in a way that teaches a deeper understanding of spelling.

We’ve gathered 100+ spelling bee words and included their syllables, graphemes, phonemes, part of speech and etymology, so you make any student feel like a spelling champion!


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Spelling bee word list

pitch3pitchp, i, chp, i, tchsingluar nounthe level or tune of a soundShe was singing in a different pitch.
taken3tak/enpast verbto have gotten a hold of; graspedMy dad has taken my game away from me.
cannot3can/notpresent verbto not be able to do somethingI cannot eat dessert before dinner.
stayed3stayedpast verbto have been somewhere for a short timeWe stayed at a hotel when we were on holiday.
denim3den/imirregular nouna type of material used for jeansI like to wear denim jeans.
doctor3doc/torsinglular nouna person that treats sick peopleI went to the doctor when I was sick.Latin
gloves3glovesplural nounhand covers to protect handsI put on gloves before I wash the dishes.
ocean3o/ceansingular nouna large area of water covering EarthThe ship sailed over the ocean.Greek
cadet3ca/detsingular nouna person training in the armed forces or policeThe cadet was in training to be a police officer.French
oxen3ox/enplural nounplural of ox, a large domestic animal kept for milkA herd of oxen were grazing on the grass.
quail3quailkw,ai,lqu,ai,lirregular nouna small brown birdA quail was in the nest.French
arch3archar, char, chsinglular nouna curved top that is held by two supportsYou enter the hall through a huge arch.Latin
cheese3cheesech,ee,zch,ee,sesinglular nouna food made from milk curdI like to eat cheese and crackers.Germanic
teach3teacht, ee, cht, ea, chpresent verbto help someone learn how to do somethingHe will teach me how to play the game.Germanic
liver3liv/ersinglular nounan organ in the body that cleans and filters bloodThe liver is an organ that filters blood.
river3riv/ersinglular nouna natural, large stream of waterThe canoe drifted up the river.Latin
story3sto/rysinglular nouna fictional tale shorter than a novelMy teacher reads us a story every day.Latin
thank3thankth, a, n, kth, a, n, kverbto show you are pleased by something or someonePlease thank her for all her help.Germanic
mammal3mam/malsinglular nounan animal that feeds its young with milk from the motherA mammal feeds its young with milk.Latin
mammoth3mam/mothsinglular nounan extinct elephant covered in long hair and curved tusksThe mammoth lived long ago and had long hair and tusks.
events3e/ventsplural nounthings that are planned; social occasions or activitiesThere will be three events to raise money.
facts3factsf,a,c,t,sf,a,c,t,splural nounthings that are proven or known to be trueThe facts have been proven and are true.
people3peo/pleplural nounmore than one personTen people came to the party.Latin
once3onceadverbone timeI have only been to hospital once.
coming3com/ingadjectiveabout to happen or just beginningWe will have a lot of fun in the coming year.
inside3in/sideprepositionwithin a container or roomI want to see what is inside the box.
parents3par/entsplural nounplural of parent, a mother or fatherMy parents will not let me stay up late.
guard4guardg, ar, dgu, ar, dpresent verbto watch or protectThe dog was set to guard the gate.Germanic
lamb4lambl,a,ml,a,mbsingluara young sheepA baby sheep is called a lamb.
wrap4wrapr,a,pwr,a,ppresentto cover by winding or foldingWe will wrap the present with green paper.
coarse4coarsek,or,sc,oar,sehaving a harsh or rough qualityThe coarse sand was hard to walk on.
geese4geeseg,ee,sg,ee,sepluralmore than one gooseThe goose flew over to the other geese in the flock.
gel4gelj,e,lg,e,lsingluara thick jellylike substanceAs the mixture cooled it turned into a gel.
gem4gemj,e,mg,e,msingluara cut and polished stoneThe precious gem sparkled in the light.
rye4ryer,ighr,yeirregulara type of grain used in bakingBread made with rye tastes different to wheat.German
touch4toucht, u, cht, ou, chpresentto put your hand or fingers on someone or somethingDo not touch the wet paint.
wreck4wreckr, e, kwr, e, cksingluarthe remains of a ship or other vehicleThe divers enjoyed diving on the wreck.
quiche4quichek, ee, shqu, i, chesingluara pie made with eggsWe made the quiche with lots of eggs.French
foul4foulf, ou, lf, ou, lextremely unpleasantThere was a foul smell coming from the bathroom.
lure4lurel, urel, urepresentto persuade someone to do something by offering something excitingI tried to lure the dog outside with a bone.
chief4chiefch, ee, fch, ie, fsingluara person who is in chargeA new chief of police has just been appointed.
gnat5gnatn, a, tgn, a, tsingluara small, flying, biting insectA gnat is a small flying insect which bites.German
gnaw5gnawn, awgn, awpresentto bite or chew something repeatedlyMy dog loves to gnaw on bones.German
quip5quipkw, i, pqu, i, psingluara funny and clever commentHe made a quip and clever comment.
raise5raiser,ai,zr,ai,sepresentto lift upI raise my arm to answer the question.
sauce5sauces, aw, ss, au, cesingluara thick liquid eaten with foodI love to have sauce on my pie.
bight5bightb, igh, tb, igh, tsingluara curve in a coastlineA curve in a coastline is called a bight.
thigh5thighth, ighth, ighsingluarthe part of the leg above the kneeThe thigh muscle is above the knee.
balm5balmb, ar, mb, al, msingluara fragrant cream or liquid used to heal the skinDad uses a skin balm after he shaves.
calm5calmc, ar, mc, al, mnot angry, upset or excitedWe have to stay calm if we hear the fire alarm.
weigh5weighw, aiw, eighpresentto find out how heavy someone or something is.I use the scales to weigh the ingredients carefully.
Zeus5Zeusz,oo(long),sz,eu,snounthe ruler of the gods in Greek mythologyZeus is the ruler of the gods in Greek mythology.
column5col/umnnounone of two or more vertical sections of a printed pagePlease read down the left column.
zoology5zo/ol/o/gynounthe study of animalsShe wants to study zoology and animals.
corpses5cor/psesnounplural of corpse, a dead bodyThe ancient corpses were buried thousands of years ago.
cities5cit/iesnounplural of city, a large townLondon and Paris are two large cities.
passage5pas/sagenounan alley or pathwayWe took a shortcut down the side passage.
including5in/clud/ingprepositionpart of a particular group or amountThree people, including myself, are getting an award.
compartment5com/part/mentnouna section of something largerI keep snacks in the bottom compartment of my bag.
prospector6pros/pec/tornouna person who searches for valuable substances such as gold or oilThe prospector found a gold nugget.
gouging6goug/ingpresent verbto make a hole through something in a rough wayThe builder was gouging a hole through the wall.
gourd6gourdg,or,dg,our,dnouna fruit with a hard rind often used for decoration or for making objectsWe used the skin of a dried gourd to make a bowl.
support6sup/portpresent verbto give assistance or comfortMy teacher will support my learning.
advance6ad/vancenounto move forward in a purposeful wayI want to advance to the next level of the game.
balance6bal/ancepresent verban even distribution of weightThe toddler lost his balance as he was trying to walk.
cancelled6can/celledpast verbfor a planned event to not take placeThe school sports day was cancelled because of the storm.
canceled6can/celedpast verbfor a planned event to not take placeThe school sports day was canceled because of the storm.
clearance6clear/ancenounthe process of removing thingsThere was a large boot sale after the house clearance.
budget6budg/etnounan amount of money you have available to spendMy parents made a weekly budget for our groceries.
mussels6mus/selsnounedible sea creatures with two black shells that closeThe mussels are edible and have black shells.
whether6wheth/erconjunctionshowing a choice between alternativesI don't know whether to go to the party or not.
pieces6piec/esnouna part of somethingThe pizza was cut into eight equal pieces.
rhythm6rhy/thmnouna strong, regular and repeated movement or soundThe dancers all had great rhythm.
exterminate6ex/ter/min/atepresent verbto destroy or kill completelyOur efforts to exterminate the cockroaches have failed.Latin
quarrelling6quar/rel/lingpresent verbarguing angrilyThe quarrelling students were sent to detention.Latin
possibility6pos/si/bil/i/tynouna chance that something may or may not happen or existThere is a possibility that it will snow on the weekend.
chaos6cha/osnouncomplete confusion and disorderComputer failure caused chaos at the airport.Greek
orchestra6or/ches/tranouna large group of musicians who play many different instruments together and are led by a conductorShe played the violin in the school orchestra.Greek
category6cat/e/go/rynouna group of people or things that are similar in some wayHe competed in the race in his age category.Latin and Greek
originated6o/rig/i/nat/edpast verbbegan to existThe waltz originated in Vienna.
geography6ge/og/ra/phynounthe natural features of an areaIn class we have been studying the geography of the local area.Greek
sapphire6sap/phirenouna clear bright blue gemstoneShe received a sapphire ring on her sixteenth birthday.Greek
squadron6squad/ronnouna military unit consisting of soldiers, ships or aircraftThe squadron of bombers returned to their base.Italian
fatigue6fa/tiguenounextreme tirednessShe was suffering from the fatigue after the long hike.French
recruit6re/cruitpresent verbto find new people to take part in an event or join a group or teamWe had to recruit more players for our team.French
whirligig6whirl/i/gignouna child's toy that spins rapidlyA spinning top is an example of a whirligig.Middle English
chaperone7chap/er/onenouna person who goes with and is responsible for a group of young peopleMy father volunteered to be a chaperone at the next school dance.French
charade7cha/radenounsomething that is done in order to pretend something is true when it is not really trueThey continue the charade until it wasn't fun anymore.French
chassis7chas/sisnounthe base frame that a car or other vehicle is built onThe chassis of the car was damaged in the accident.French
chivalry7chiv/al/rynounvery polite, honest and kind behaviourI love listening to stories of knights and their chivalry.Latin
cliché7clichenouna phrase that has been used so often that it is no longer originalTime flies when you are having fun is an example of a cliché.French
machinery7ma/chin/er/ynounmachines of a particular kind or machines in generalThe farm machinery is kept in the barn.
peasants7peas/antsnounin history a person of a low social class of farm workers and owners of small farmsThe land was farmed by peasants for hundreds of years.Latin
perimeter7per/rim/e/ternounthe outside edge of an area, surface or flat shapeSoldiers guarded the perimeter of the camp.Greek
persuade7per/suadepresent verbto cause someone to do something or believe something by asking, arguing or giving reasonsI am trying to persuade my parents to increase my pocket money.Latin
thermometer7ther/mo/me/ternouna device used to measure temperature of a person's body or the airMum used a thermometer to see if I had a fever.French
toupee7tou/peenouna small wig that is worn by a man to cover a bald spot on his headThe actor was wearing a black toupee on his head.French
camouflage7cam/ou/flagenounthe way some animals are coloured or shaped so they can not be seen in their natural surroundingsA stick insects colour and shape helps it to hide in a tree.French
limousine7lim/ou/sinenouna large, expensive car often driven by a paid driverThe bride and groom hired a limousine for their wedding day.French
gargoyle7gar/goylenouna stone object in the shape of the head of an ugly creature, usually seen on the roofs of old buildingsA row of gargoyles perch on the roof in front of the church.Old French

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