Why Personalized Learning Should be the Goal of Every Classroom


Learning is a personal journey. Yet our classrooms often remain “one size fits all”.

And that does nothing for the 25+ individuals in front of us. Their abilities, interests, and dreams are all different – and their learning should be, too.

Personalized learning is how we reach all of them. Here are 5 reasons why it should be the goal of every classroom (including yours).

Modern classrooms are more diverse than ever

Classrooms are now more diverse than ever, and there’s no longer a “mainstream” student population that we can teach to with a standardized learning path.

Instead, we need to consider the needs of:

  • students with diagnosed physical and mental differences
  • students from different linguistic backgrounds
  • students from migrant families.

…in addition to the broad range of academic abilities that have always existed in any classroom.

Instead of trying to erase these differences with standardization, we should be leveraging them by tailoring learning experiences to the unique needs of each student.

Personalized career paths are replacing jobs

Ask a 2020 employer what they’re looking for in potential candidates, and you’ll start to see a few patterns emerge.

Flexible soft skills.

Technological literacy.

Knowledge across multiple content areas.

Unique combinations of experience.

Because degrees and diplomas are no longer the be-all and end-all. Instead, employers desperately need individuals with unique personal skill sets to fill the thousands of new roles that are emerging each year.

With career paths becoming increasingly personalized, our classrooms need to follow suit.

This can only happen if we use our teaching to help each student discover the space where their passions and skills intersect.

Personalized learning encourages students to learn autonomously

Our students can only thrive in today’s world if they become lifelong learners.

One of the hidden benefits of personalized learning is its ability to nurture a mindset for autonomous learning. Consider:

  • Students learn at a pace suited to their personal level of ability, reducing the need to “follow the class.”
  • Students set personal short- and long-term goals for their own learning, giving them full ownership over their progress.
  • Personalized learning is tailored to individual student interests and abilities, encouraging them to start creating a path of personal development.
  • Learning isn’t confined to school hours. When personalized learning is made available online, students can work wherever there’s an internet connection.

Personalized learning strengthens relationships

In a personalized classroom, student–teacher relationships run even deeper.

Because no matter what approach the teacher takes, it all starts with knowing each student.

For students, this means a personalized classroom is one in which they feel valued as an individual.

For teachers it means more of the best parts of the job: making the transition from instructor to mentor, confidant, and trusted guide.


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