14 Spooktacular Halloween Books To Read In Class

Halloween Books To Read In Class

From pumpkin carving to dressing up, Halloween is such a fun time for students. It’s also a great time to encourage them to read.

With over 3,500 digital books to choose from, the Library in Reading Eggs has plenty of Halloween-themed books to keep your students engaged and entertained.

Whether you’re looking for picture books about Halloween, or spine-chilling tales about monsters and ghosts – there’s a story for everyone.

From emergent to independent readers, here are 14 spooktacular books to read this Halloween season.

For Reception or Kindergarten to Grade/Year 1 and 2

Silly Kitty and the Spooky Night

Halloween books for kids - Silly kitty and the spooky night

Designed for pre-readers and emergent readers, this fun series follows Silly Kitty’s attempts to stay out of trouble while her human, Emma, is busy. Read about Silly Kitty’s adventures on that spooky night!

Younger learners will love the character Silly Kitty in these adorable, illustrated stories. There is also a page in each book for teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension.

The rest of the Silly Kitty series (6 in total) is also available in the Reading Eggs Library.

Trick or Treat

Halloween books - Trick or Treat

Knock, knock. Trick or treat! It’s Halloween. See all the different costumes children wear on their fun-filled Halloween adventures for sweets/lollies.

This Halloween book includes reading tips and a vocabulary list to help develop reading comprehension skills along the way.

It’s Halloween! What will we be?

Halloween books - Its Halloween

Halloween is exciting for many reasons, but the best reason is you get to dress up! From a pirate to a princess, children in the book run through a long list of all the things they could be for Halloween.

New feature! The Reading Journal


The Reading Journal (found in the main navigation page of Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and the Library) is an interactive record of all the books your students have read in the Library. This is where they can add their own comments and stickers to make their Journal uniquely theirs!

It’s not just a list of books read by your students, but a real celebration of their reading journey.

Reading Journal in Reading Eggspress

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For Grade/Year 3 and 4

Spots and Stripes and the spooky Halloween

Halloween books -Spots and Stripes and the Spooky Halloween

Meet Spots and Stripes. Spots is a playful Dalmatian, while Stripes is a quiet striped tabby. When their owner, Ms. Green, is at work, she expects her pets to get along. But that’s a tall order for Spots and Stripes, who have two very different personalities. Watch your students laugh along with this unlikely duo and learn the secret to getting along.

If your students loved following the adventures of Spots and Stripes, there’s more titles of this series in the Library.

All the books listed above also comes with a ‘Read to me’ feature located at the top of each page – a great tool to help your students develop their reading confidence and skills.

The Heebie Jeebie

Halloween books - The Heebie Jeebie

The back room felt like the scariest place in the whole world. Toby closed his eyes and hoped the jeepers creepers Olivia spent hours telling him about didn’t show up. Then he heard a noise that made him stiffen in fright…

Spook in the Stacks

Halloween books - GHOST Squad Spook in the Stacks

Dating shadows. Lights flickering. Books tumbling from shelves. When Mags hears the librarians talking about all the spooky stuff they’ve experienced, the G.H.O.S.T Squad has a new case! But this ghost isn’t like the others they’ve helped to cross over. This one is determined to stick around. Forever. What will the squad do?

If your student loved this book, they’d love the rest of the G.H.O.S.T Squad series in the Library.

Create Your Own Book Collection 

Halloween Book Collection - Reading Eggs Teacher Library

Why not create a Halloween Book Collection? The Teacher Library makes it easy for you to bookmark titles, create your own book collections and share them with your students.

You can now do so right from your teacher dashboard and assign them to your students for specific time frames.

Read the books in your collection on the class screen as part of a lesson, or assign them to your students for home reading. Encourage them to complete the quiz at the end of each book so they can earn more golden eggs.

Halloween Books In Reading Eggs Library

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For Grade/Year 5 and 6

Dead Man’s GoldHalloween books - Dead mans gold

Dead Man’s Gold is an exciting adventure story, full of twists and turns. It draws on the legends of the Australian outback, featuring treasure hunting, droving, gold prospecting and ghosts. Billy Stone rides out one morning but a stop at a waterhole leads to some startling discoveries.

That’s Scary! Gross and Frightening facts about Aussie animals

Halloween books - Thats scary gross and frightening facts about aussie animals

Ever heard of man-eating snakes? No? What about crazed killer birds? This book is not for the faint-hearted. Readers will shake in your shoes and yell ‘That’s Scary!’ with each truly terrifying fact about Aussie animals. Combining natural history, science and a sense of humour, these books are sure to keep your students entertained while they learn.

Also in this series: That’s Gross! Weird and Disgusting Aussie Animals

Spook Manor

Halloween books - Spooky Manor

No one has lasted long in Spook Manor – they end up crazy or dead. Yet somewhere inside lies an ancient painting worth millions. Are you brave enough to search for it? In this mystery book, readers are the hero and must choose their own route and follow the ‘Go’ prompts.

Dangerous Games: Midnight Mansion

Halloween books - Dangerous Games Midnight Mansion

Tom is delighted to discover extra gadgets have been built into a new computer game about a haunted house. But the special equipment doesn’t help when the ghosts decide they don’t want the three players to leave!

Dangerous Games is a range of adventure stories set in a computer games company and follows designers Sima, Kojo and Tom. Each story sees them designing a computer game which they then enter for real – encountering exciting and sometimes deadly situations. All 16 titles of the Dangerous Games series can be found in the Library.


Halloween books - Scary

This story follows three friends – Luke and his friends Ben and Tanya. The gang are out in the shed. Luke wants to see a spaceship, but Ben and Tanya know there is no such thing. Soon some strange lights appear and there are creepy noises that no one can explain.

House of Fear

Halloween books - House of fear

Chased by a gang on bikes through the streets, Dino had no choice but to enter the dreaded House of Fear! There, he meets a mysterious girl…

For Grade/Year 7 and 8

The Book of Beasts

Halloween books - The book of beasts

Lionel is a small boy who is made King. But when he discovers the Palace library and opens a book called ‘The Book of Beasts’, he releases a wicked Red Dragon into his kingdom! How will Lionel vanquish the dragon and save his people? First published in 1900, this classic tale has not lost any charm and continues to captivate readers.

Haunted Beach

Halloween books - Haunted Beach

Follow Ruth’s journey as she battles a sea witch to solve the mystery of her Poppa’s death.

More Teaching Resources in Reading Eggs 

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A Reading Eggs subscription not only comes with an ever-expanding Library of digital books, it also gives you access to Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and Fast Phonics (a systematic synthetic phonics online program).


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