15 Books About Soccer or Football Your Students Will Love

Books About Soccer Your Students Will Love

Football is a popular and well-loved sport around the world. It’s also known as soccer to many, depending on where you’re from.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be referring to it as soccer.

If you’re an educator and have students who are fans of the game, they’ll love these books from the Reading Eggs Library!

From real-world soccer players to funny and whimsical stories, here are 15 soccer-themed books in the Library to get your students kicking with excitement.

For Reception/Kindergarten

Billy on the Ball

Books about soccer - Billy on the ball

It’s Cup final day. Follow Billy as he joins a soccer team. He runs, he heads, and he gets fouled. Will he be able to score for his team?

Kick, Pass, SCORE!

Books about soccer - Kick Pass SCORE

Featuring pages of vibrant illustrations with supporting vocabulary, Kick, Pass, SCORE! introduces young readers to soccer and the benefits of teamwork.

Ready for Sports: Soccer

Books about soccer - Soccer


From uniforms to scoring, this non-fiction book introduces early readers to one of the most popular sports. The engaging text and pictures provide learners with the knowledge they need to be ready to play with confidence.

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For Grade/Year 1 to 2 

Team Captain

Books about soccer -Team Captain

See how Tallulah Turtle lead his team, Tenacious Turtle to victory. The story talks about teamwork, and how it is easier to finish a task with success when everyone plays their part.

The Emperor’s New Uniform

Books about soccer - The Emperors New Uniform

A classic fairy tale retold with a twist, meet Enrico Empery, the Emperor of soccer. When a big championship game approaches, his teammate, Freddie Foulo tells the Emperor about a very special soccer uniform that only the most amazing players can see.

Wolfpack Gang Is Outta Sight!

Books about soccer - Wolfpack Gang is Outta Sight

Deano was a star soccer player at her pervious school, but at her new school, the boys have a “No Girls Allowed” rule and she’s not very happy about it. She later meets a new friend Jay, who is visually impaired. Deano later learns that Jay too, can play soccer despite his disability.

Wolfpack Gang is Outta Sight! creates a familiar setting that showcases a variety of social and emotional concepts associated with growing up.

Kickin’ It

Books about soccer - Kickin It

Luis knows he is the best soccer player at his school and can’t wait to show his teammates and coach. But there is one problem – no one seems impressed with his skills! In fact, they seem like they don’t want him on the field. Can Luis show his team that he’s a team player before the big game?

Filled with simple sentences and illustrations, this book makes a perfect first chapter title for young readers.

The Fantasy Soccer Wall

Books about soccer - The Fantasy Soccer Wall

Harry really wants to win his team’s soccer game and earn the respect of his teammate, Brad. However, things do not go as planned. One day, Harry discovers the wall at the end of the playground and its strange magical powers. Soon, every wish Harry makes comes true…

Soccer Stars

Books about soccer - Soccer Stars

It’s the first-ever World’s Cup, and it’s taking place on the Moon. Earth plays Mars in the final, but can Earth win the Cup? Soccer Stars is great for developing readers.

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For Grade/ Year 3 to 4

Football Friends

Books about soccer - Football Friends

Football Friends follows the story of Amir, who moved to a new school. As he doesn’t know anyone, Amir feels sad. But bringing his football into school changes everything.

Be the Best

Nonfiction Books about soccer- Be the Best

Do you want to be a great football player? Or do you want to be the best? Let England keeper David James tell you how. Based on the world of professional football, Goal! is a series of non-fiction books with intriguing topics and facts about football.

The rest of the Goal! series (A Very Odd Sort of Job, From Africa to Wembley, How to be a Star in Midfield, How to be Star at the back, How to be a Star Keeper, Football Crazy) are also available in the Library.

Football Crazy: Poems, Raps and Beats

Soccer books in Reading Eggs Library - Football Crazy

Looking for something different? This book contains a selection of poems, raps and beats about the game of football!

Soccer: Fun Sports for Fitness

Nonfiction Books about soccer

Soccer is one of the simplest sports in the world. It may be the reason why it’s also the most popular sport in the world. This non-fiction book introduces students to the game of soccer, covering the basics of the game to different techniques of how to kick the ball.

Let Toby Lane Play Goalie

Books about soccer - Let Toby Lane Play Goalie

Toby wants to be a better soccer player and hopes the former professional goalie living in his town will give him some help. Readers are introduced to what it’s like to be on the soccer field, while learning the basics of the game and the most important rule of all – to be a good sport.

Megan Rapinoe: Women in sports

Books about soccer - Megan Rapinoe Women in Sports

Learn about two-time Women’s World Cup soccer champion and Olympic gold medalist Megan Rapinoe, as she shines on and off the field. Find out how she wows fans with her brilliant skills and uses her fame to promote causes she’s passionate about.

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