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Hello, meet WordFlyers.

WordFlyers is a comprehensive online literacy program for students in Years 7–10. Enjoyed by over 5,500 teachers and 86,000 students around Australia, WordFlyers empowers students to learn and practice vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing and reading comprehension, track their own progress, and stay motivated through the theme of international travel.

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Set your students up for success.

  • Differentiated activities allow students to work at their own pace and ability, both in the classroom and at home. Learn more

  • Review level content can bring the literacy skills of your struggling students up to standard and also refresh students’ memory on skills they have learned in previous years. Learn more

  • WordFlyers is great for homework or class work with automated marking and online tutorials that allow students to progress in their literacy skills at their own pace.

  • Students engage with and analyse short, high interest real-world texts, with interactive activities that reinforce learning. Learn more

Designed to save you time.

  • Automated online marking and weekly progress updates mean you receive instant feedback on students’ progress and achievements.

  • WordFlyers is easy to implement, with lessons already correlated to the Literacy and Language strands of the Australian Curriculum.

  • The reports in WordFlyers provide class snapshots of progress as well as detailed individual student data that will help you to pinpoint your students’ strengths and weaknesses. Learn more

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We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of WordFlyers. To explore WordFlyers with your students and colleagues, register for free today.

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Happily, from recent NAPLAN results, we’ve seen a significant improvement in students’ literacy skills. In particular, students’ results in reading, spelling and grammar have strongly improved from 2015 to 2017. WordFlyers has made a difference in our school.
Pauline Hageman, Head Teacher - English and Drama, Burwood Girls High School, New South Wales
My class is really loving WordFlyers, so much so that they’re disappointed when I ask them to finish their lesson so we can move on to something else! I love that it caters to students’ ability levels and that they can learn at their own paces.
Leah Nicholls, Belgrave Heights Christian School, Belgrave Heights, Victoria
WordFlyers has made a difference in our school. It has improved self-esteem and challenges our students to get higher scores, which improves their literacy skills.
Julie Hemmett, English Support, James Meehan High School, Macquarie Fields, New South Wales

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