Learn Together. Grow Together.
Thrive Together.

Atlanta, Georgia | February 7-9, 2024

Join 3P Learning and educational leaders for two days of inspiring guest speaker sessions, collaborative workshops, and engaging after-hours events.
Our theme for this summit is Equity and Excellence in Education with a focus on improving the educational experience for all students by emphasizing fairness, inclusivity, and industry-wide standards.
Join us in Atlanta, Georgia from February 7th to February 9th, for our Thrive Together Summit 2024.

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Summit Speakers


Marlon Styles

Motivational Speaker Former Superintendent, Middletown City Schools

Marlon Styles is a recognized inspirational speaker and educational leader. In 2017, he was named a Top 30 Digital Trailblazer by the Center for Digital Education.

Under his leadership at Middletown City Schools, the district was awarded the ISTE Distinguished District Award in 2019. He testified before the United States Congress in 2020 to advocate for access and opportunity for all students. K-12 Dive recognized him as the Superintendent of the Year in 2020 for his advocacy and leadership to close equity gaps on a national stage. Styles’ mission is to inspire educators to see themselves as empowered Unifiers capable of creating the types of learning experiences today’s modern learners need to thrive.



Giancarlo Brotto

Global Education Strategist & Change-Maker


Giancarlo Brotto is a Global Education Thought Leader. He engages with government officials, policy-influencing organizations, other thought leaders, school system decision-makers, and researchers to gain insights and influence trends in the education sector.

He is a catalyst for those that don’t just want to talk about change but want to do their part to make it a reality. His dynamic, audience-engaging mindset has him regularly facilitating experiences with education stakeholders across the globe. He has served on the informal advisory group for the global SEL assessment at the OECD, sat on the board of directors for C21 Canada- an organization promoting 21st Century learning, founder of GOLA! – a convening of high-level education government officials that collaborate and share policy recommendations and an education advisor for several international edtech companies.

He is currently the Chair of the Samuel Beatty Fund at the University of Toronto – promoting the study of STEM across the province, member of the steering committee for Karanga – the global alliance for SEL and life skills, and a Salzburg global fellow.



Christine Johns-Harris

Professional Development


Christine Johns-Harris is a native New Yorker, who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University, in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education, and African-American Studies, and her graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction, with a focus on Urban Education, from Columbia University Teachers College.

She began her career in preschool and early childhood education, as an itinerant special education teacher, serving communities and schools in the Bronx, NY. Since relocating to Atlanta, she has continued to support students and families as a middle school special education teacher, special education coordinator, curriculum developer, district instructional coach, charter school board member, advocate, and professional development facilitator and consultant.

Her experience ranges from early childhood, through high school, and adult learning, rural, urban, and suburban districts, and across traditional public school, charter school, and virtual school environments. While much of her career has focused on special education and literacy development, she also supports schools, leaders, and teachers with Social-Emotional Learning, Positive Behavior Intervention Systems, Muti-tiered Systems of Support, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

In 2018, Christine established Johns-Harris Consulting, in order to provide non-profits, community organizations, schools, and families with creative solutions, including, but not limited to leadership and academic coaching, customized professional development and facilitation, keynote addresses, and special education advocacy. Christine has enjoyed serving students and teachers for the past 25 years.



Jennifer Kim, M.A

Mathematics Education Specialist, Mathletics

Jenn Kim, M.A., is an education editor, professional development facilitator and Mathematics Education Specialist with Mathletics, and currently writes worked solutions for new Mathletics courses. Jenn is a veteran educator with over 20 years of experience as classroom teacher, instructional math coach and BTSA mentor for new teachers. She has taught math to every grade from 2nd grade all the way through to Algebra 1 and college-level developmental math.



Sheila Robitaille, M.Ed., B.S., OCT

Professional Development


Sheila Robitaille, M.Ed., B.S., OCT, is a veteran teacher and educational leader with 27 years of experience as a classroom teacher, program director, professional development specialist and principal.

Her experience spans across both Canada and the United States, both elementary and high school, and in both public and private schools. She is passionate about developing teachers by providing them with tools that support best educational practices.



Miriam Williams,

Professional Development


Miriam Williams, M.Ed., has built her 23 year career as an educator serving low-performing schools in the United States as middle school teacher, assistant principal and principal at both elementary and secondary Title I schools.

She was also district manager for 47 public charter schools and has extensive experience in school transformation and building the capacity of focused learning teams.

She facilitates core curriculum workshops, literacy coaching, personalizing learning through rigor and relevance, implementation of best practice strategies for dual language schools and supports literacy intervention programs. Ms. Williams also conducts executive coaching, leadership development, student-centered coaching and teacher mentoring in core content areas.


Past Events

Session Information


For Teachers

A District Wide Black Male Affinity Group

Hosted by Marlon Styles

Embark on a transformative journey to revolutionize the approach to teacher recruitment and retention. This enlightening session delves into the profound impact of affinity groups in amplifying the influence of black males in education. Participants will explore a comprehensive blueprint to establish their own Black Male affinity group, igniting a powerful revolution that embraces authenticity and empowerment. As we strive to increase the representation of black male educators in our profession, let us come together and ignite a profession that celebrates the vibrant presence of black males.

Unlocking Equity and Excellence in Literacy/Numeracy: A Collaborative Approach

Hosted by Giancarlo Brotto

Together we will explore equity and excellence in numeracy and literacy, global data highlighting disparities, and the importance of shifting perceptions. Prepare to be inspired by a powerful student mindset story, and get ready to share your own insights. Discover the potential of technology and AI in education, and brainstorm innovative solutions with your fellow participants. This session will encourage you to open yourselves to new perspectives, embrace change, and actively contribute to shaping the future of learning. Don’t miss this opportunity to thrive together!

Identity & Inquiry: Using Literacy to Foster Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Hosted by Christine Johns-Harris

During this session, participants will explore how identity mapping and literacy can be used to engage students to understand their place in school and the community at large. In addition, we will focus on the ways in which culturally responsive teaching and equitable practices create an environment of belonging for all students. .



For Administrators

Designing for Access? Prove it!

Hosted by Marlon Styles

How would you respond if you were asked to demonstrate that your team has successfully designed to provide access? Too often, educators pilot a strategy or program and swiftly move to scale it across the entire system, aiming to provide access for all. This session will explore the crucial significance of establishing evidence of success before scaling up. Discover essential strategies and insights that empower educators to create inclusive and accessible solutions. It is time to embark on designing educational experiences where students have equal opportunities to thrive.

The Road Ahead: Achieving Equity and Excellence in our Schools

Hosted by Giancarlo Brotto

Join us as we delve into the critical issues of equity and excellence in education. We will examine global data that underscores disparities and discuss the significance of transforming perceptions. This session provides a platform for you to reflect on your evolving understanding of excellence and equity in education. We will collectively address your concerns and apprehensions, discussing scenarios that may cause discomfort. We will explore these situations and strategize on how best to navigate them. Furthermore, we will investigate the impact of technology in fostering equity and excellence. This is an opportunity for you to share and learn from the experiences of your peers in different schools. We will also explore your views on the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and listen to diverse visions for its future role. This session promises to be a hub of dynamic discussions, shared experiences, and a deeper understanding of the changing landscape of equity and excellence in numeracy and literacy education. Join us on this enlightening journey.

Identity & Inquiry: Engaging Literacy and Teacher Identity to Create Equitable Classrooms

Hosted by Christine Johns-Harris

During this session, administrators will focus on ways to facilitate and support teachers in examining how their own identity shapes the learning environment, and how to use identity and literacy, as a springboard to engage students, and create more equitable student-centered learning environments.



Group Workshop

The Three PEAs of Equity in Education
Hosted by Miriam Williams, M.Ed., Sheila Robitaille, M.Ed., OCT, and Jennifer Kim, M.A.

In this session, participants will discern Equity and Equality in education, delving into practical best practices for ensuring equity throughout the entire educational process. From initial planning to execution and assessment, educators will gain tangible strategies to proactively integrate equitable considerations into their lessons. The session aims to empower participants with the tools needed to create inclusive learning environments, fostering an atmosphere where every student can thrive.

Summit Agenda

  • Wednesday February 7

    Opening night reception, 7-9 pm, The Altair Ballroom – 27th Floor

  • Thursday February 8

    Professional Development Sessions
    Tour of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights
    Dinner and evening social

  • Friday February 9

    Half day Professional Development sessions
    Click ‘View Agenda’ to download our detailed agenda.

View Agenda

Hotel and Activities

  • Hotel accommodations and summit taking place at:

    The Starling Atlanta Midtown
    188 14th St NE
    Atlanta, GA 30361

  • Tour of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights
  • Evening dinner and social at The PuttShack Atlanta

3P Learning will provide accommodations and meals. Transportation is to be provided for the tour and outing to The Puttshack. Attendees will be responsible for all other travel costs.

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