Reading Eggs takes
care of homework

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Teachers shouldn’t have to do more homework than their students. Reading Eggs makes setting homework easy with over 2500 ebooks, task assignment, automatic reporting, and stories that engage every reader.


Huge eBooks library

The Reading Eggs library boasts 2,500+ eBooks with a huge range of reading materials for all abilities & interests, giving students the opportunity to find stories that speak to them.



Let students tell their story with Story Factory. Every week, Story Factory prompts students to write on a theme, engaging them with visual cues, interactive games, and the chance to get creative!


Assign Tasks

See how your students are performing, if they’ve stayed on task, and the list of books they’ve been enjoying in one place. From here you can set tasks that will strengthen their development or provide new challenges.



Lessons on Reading Eggs come with extra support and information like student worksheets and detailed teacher guides, giving you the chance to reinforce classroom learning in students’ homes.


For teachers

  • Ability to assign lessons, books and tasks to students
  • Access to a huge bank of teaching resources
  • Pre-prepared lessons with worksheets & teacher guides
  • Detailed reporting and tracking of student progress in
    and outside the classroom
  • Bedtime stories that are adored by students, loved by parents
  • Provides ESL support for students who lack an English-speaking parent at home

For students

  • Engaging, motivating and fun reading activities
  • Packed with motivational rewards
  • Designed to develop writing, spelling, vocabulary
  • and grammar skills for students of all abilities and interests
  • Automatic placement to ensure students are learning at the most engaging level
  • Access to their very own library

Learning platforms can be a useful addition to the teaching and learning provided by a school as they can extend learning outside of the normal school day. We are convinced they reinforce key skills and have a definite impact on teaching and learning.

Lawrence Keel, Headteacher The Kilburn Park Foundation School, London Borough of Brent

We use Reading Eggs in a variety of ways including homework, small group work in guided reading as well as individual quiet reading sessions… Many of my typical non-readers spent more time reading at home and at school

Abby Bennet Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit, Wandsworth

We use it throughout the school from Year 1 – the phonics are very good – right up to year 6. We often set assignments for the children to complete at home, but we also use it in school and recently have had good results from the app which we’ve used on our iPads to help any children who are off-track.

Diane Kenny, Year 2 Teacher Brookdale Primary School, Greasby on the Wirral
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