Reading Eggs Testimonials

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Drives Accelerated Progress

“We decided to spend some of our pupil premium money on Reading Eggs and also set up a daily Reading Eggs breakfast club for children who needed extra support. I gave them the Salford Standard Reading Test before they started attending and after 10 weeks, I repeated the test. The results were staggering. Over a 2-month period 93% of children made accelerated progress making at least 4 months progress in their reading age. A third of pupils made over a 1-year progress with one child going up by 1 year and 6 months.” As well as setting reading tests, we also refer to the Reading Eggs reports which are valuable in helping us monitor individual progress. Teachers can see exactly what the children have got right and wrong which is very useful.”

The Downley School, Buckinghamshire

Reading Eggs Library

Offers Value for Money

“We bought Reading Eggs because it was great value for money and offered a really comprehensive resource. Reading Eggs definitely contributed to fantastic results of which we are very proud. Our children are no longer afraid of reading. They now love to read and because they are reading more their results have improved. Pupils are willing to tackle harder activities because they can see the progression they are making and they enjoy interacting with the program. They are fearless when it comes to reading! With Reading Eggs we’ve been able to create a ‘can do’ attitude towards reading throughout our school.”

Victoria White, Assistant Headteacher – Teaching for Learning, Penshurst Primary School, East Yorkshire


Makes Reading Fun

“We have had a very successful trial of Reading Eggs. Children in both Key stages have stated that they really enjoyed the program and many have stated that it and I quote ‘Makes reading fun’. My children have greatly enjoyed it. Especially the ‘Boffin Boy’ series, this has been a class favourite! It has really helped to develop the children’s comprehension skills. They actually look forward to taking the Quiz even though really it is a stealth test!”

Daniel McGill, Blackthorn Primary School


“Our pupils love it”

“I like the books on there because they have lots of books on there and I like the space books. I like that you can answer questions which get you eggs and then the eggs help you make your house. It kind of makes you want to do it.” Boy aged 10

“It’s a lot of fun and a good way to learn.” Girl aged 10

Sarah Mitchell, Fairley House School, London

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