Reading Eggs makes literacy catch-up
fun and creates happy readers

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Support literacy catch-up with a huge online library

With over 2500 stories to fall in love with, Reading Eggs helps students discover reading experiences, combining engaging ebooks with games, rewards and excitement. Reading Eggs’ huge library has a book waiting for every student, covering a range of interests and themes for all reading abilities.


For teachers

  • Instant feedback – narrated end of peak quizzes
  • Weekly planners for each letter set
  • Fast Phonics Teaching Guide
  • Access to decodable resources
  • Hundreds of printable worksheets

For students

  • Learning path that builds at their own speed
  • Key skills learned in a systematic way
  • Engaging and rewarding without distracting from the learning
  • Easy to view progress (letters they know, books they’ve read)
  • Make learning phonics fun

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