Get Ready for the Eggventure of the Year!

1st – 29th March 2021

The Reading Eggspedition is a FREE fun-filled online
literacy adventure for students (and teachers!).

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Between the 1st and the 29th of March, students will embark on an eggceptional journey, discovering an eggciting new world of reading where they can eggscel in their literacy learning (cheesy? We know).


Engage students in literacy


Four weeks FREE access


For students aged 5 – 12


Complete literacy goals

New student and teacher goals will be released here
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Week 1

Goal 1. Take the placement test

The Reading Eggspedition places students on their own individualised learning pathway based on their current knowledge and skills. This simple and quick test picks where to start students on their journey!

  • 1. Students login here.
  • 2. Students select from Fast Phonics (Foundation), Reading Eggs (Years 1-2) or Reading Eggspress (Years 3-8)
  • 3. The placement test will automatically start for Reading Eggs students. Reading Eggspress students can click on “Lessons” to start their test.

Have students doing Fast Phonics? Here’s your teacher guide to Peaks 1-10 along with a lesson plan and heaps of printable resources.

Goal 2. Complete the first lesson

Each student’s learning journey starts with a lesson. Students click on “Lessons” which will take them to their Activity Map where they can pick a new activity. Thanks to the placement test, these have been set to the right level for them!

Bonus Challenge: Complete the 5th Lesson!

Week 2

Fast Phonics (Foundation-1):

  • Complete 5 peaks!

Reading Eggs (Years 1-2):

  • Complete 10th lesson (hint: students will need to pass level 10 to unlock the Story Factory for next week)

Bonus challenge: Read an eBook (students who can begin reading independently can enter the library from the page that proceeds login).

Reading Eggspress (Years 3-8):

  • Complete the 15th lesson

Bonus challenge: Read an eBook and take the quiz (student can enter the library via the icon in their student console). There are plenty of high interest books designed for older years.

Week 3

Fast Phonics (Foundation-1):

  • Complete 10 peaks!

Have you noticed that each peak also has a short quiz at the end? Students can redo the quiz to improve their results or move onto the next peak.

Reading Eggs (Years 1-2):

  • Complete the 20th lesson

Bonus challenge: Eggsplore the Story Factory.
The story factory guides students through writing their own story, and it full of prompts for sentence starters and words to help them if they get stuck.

Reading Eggspress (Years 3-8):

  • Complete the 25th lesson
  • Complete a story in the Story Factory

Bonus challenge: Complete a spelling lesson
Tip: You can use the demo version of a student account to explore the Story Factory. It makes for a very fun and engaging front-of-class lesson on story writing.

Week 4

Fast Phonics:

  • Review your progress

The peak progress screen shows students their average score for End of Peak Quizzes, as well as the total number of sounds and words learnt, and books read.

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress:

The peak progress screen shows students their average score for End of Peak Quizzes, as well as the total number of sounds and words learnt, and books read.

Week 1

Goal 1: Login to the Teacher Console

We haven’t left you out of all the fun! Your first goal is to sign into your teacher console. Here you’ll find all kinds of extra goodies as well as being able to check on your students’ progress.

Step 1: Login here.
Want to change what year level or lesson your students are up? Check out this student management guide.

Goal 2: Check out all your support options!

We know that exploring a new program can seem overwhelming at first – especially as you’re probably very busy juggling other things as well.

If you head on over to our help hub you’ll find tons of short videos and step-by-step guides for anything you might want to do.

Week 2

Goal 1: Access the library

You can access the same library as your students from the “Book Notes” section of your Teacher Toolkit. You can even conduct a lesson using Reading Eggs as a front-of-class tool with an eBook reader from the library. There are thousands of eBooks covering all levels and interest areas.

Week 3

Goal: Check out all the teacher toolkit and the Printables Library

The teacher toolkit is full of amazing resources. Simply select your class’s year level and then pick your resources. We’ve got comprehension lessons, grammar worksheets, targeting text series, phonics and spelling exercises.

The Printables Library

You can also access a special Printables Library! Here you’ll find heaps of downloadable worksheets, activities and readers. Check out student and teacher resources covering years 1-6 for grammar and spelling and years 2-6 for comprehension!

Week 4

Crack into the Reporting Suite

Now is the perfect time to adventure into the Reporting Suite. Your dashboard will show you your class totals and averages. With a few clicks you can drill down further to quickly identify learning gaps, achievement, effort, improvement and more!

Here’s what a teacher in Australia
thought of the Reading Eggspedition


My Year 4 class have thrived while using Reading Eggspress. They love the lessons, books and activities provided to assist their learning. They like the games that they can play against each other.

Stephanie Russell, Winston Hills Public School Reading Eggspedition AU 2020
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