The Eggventure of the Year is Back for 2023!

12th- 23rd June 2023

The Reading Eggspedition is a FREE fun-filled online
literacy adventure for students (and teachers!).

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Between the 12th to 23rd of June, students get to embark on an eggceptional journey, discovering the eggciting world of reading. From games, activities, challenges and more, there’s so many opportunities for students to eggscel in their literacy learning and have a ball! (cheesy? We know.).


Inspire literacy learning


Four weeks FREE access

For students aged 5 – 12


Complete literacy goals

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Here’s what a teacher in Australia
thought of the Reading Eggspedition


My Year 4 class have thrived while using Reading Eggspress. They love the lessons, books and activities provided to assist their learning. They like the games that they can play against each other.

Stephanie Russell, Winston Hills Public School Reading Eggspedition AU 2020


Who can participate?

This event is open to all schools in New Zealand without a Reading Eggs subscription. Schools or classes are required to register for the event to participate and be eligible for prizes.

How is the winner determined?

There are 4 prizes to win during this event.

  • Week 1 Prize: Prize goes to the school/class with the highest number of books read 

  • Week 2 Prize: Prize goes to the school/class with the highest number of lessons completed 

1 lesson, book = 1 point.

Points will be calculated by taking the total number of lessons or books and dividing that figure by the number of registered students on the trial. 

This is to allow for fair competition between schools of different sizes.

For example, a school of 20 trialling students with 2,000 lessons completed, will give them a total score of 100. These 100 points are what are used to determine their leaderboard ranking.

When does the competition start and finish?

The Reading Eggspedition starts at 6:00am Monday 12th June (AEST) and will conclude at 11:59pm on Friday 23rd June  (ASET).

What are the prizes?

There will be 1 minor prize and 1 major prize.

Details to come.

When will the winners be announced?

Once the 2023 Reading Eggspedition has ended, all results will be verified. Upon completion of verification, the winners will be announced on the Reading Eggspedition website under the Hall of Fame section. All results determined by the Reading Eggs team are final.

When is the cut-off date for registration?

Registrations will officially close on Sunday 11th June 2023.