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Save time creating curriculum-aligned mathematics lessons for your students aged 4-16. Engage, motivate and maximise student outcomes with our online mathematics teaching tools, created by teachers, for teachers. Start a trial

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Educational mathematics software that helps schools create engaging learning experiences…


Differentiate Learning

Tailor lessons with personalised pathways

Easily prepare differentiated learning paths for every student with online mathematics software. Instead of cookie-cutter lessons, assign maths games and activities at the optimal level for individual students, groups or your whole class, at the click of a button.


Simplify Homework

Make homework easy with quick activity assignment

Support online mathematics learning in the classroom and at home. Easily assign homework activities for your whole class or differentiate by group or individual student.


Engage Students

Engage learners in
their Zone of Proximal Development

Motivate and challenge students to sharpen their skills with fun, colourful, age-appropriate and interactive maths games, rewards and interactive activities that match every ability level.


Track Progress

Gain student insights with automated & insightful results

Educational mathematics software to help you track with confidence. Evaluate students’ progress and set group or individual homework that provides extension or extra support to students who need it.

See how our online mathematics learning programs can help you maximise your students' learning outcomes.

Interactive mathematics software
filled with features to save you time!


Gamified & Meaningful Activities

Assign students interactive mathematics games and activities that meet the standards
of the curriculum you teach. From fluency challenges to problem-solving and reasoning,
our digital teaching tools cover it all!


Engaging Motivators & Rewards

Automatically reward students for their mathematics progress with achievement
certificates, points, exclusive access to secret worlds (and more!)


Ready-Made Printable Resources

Access hundreds of printable mathematics worksheets, workbooks, lesson
plans and classroom posters ready to engage your students in mathematics learning.


Assignable Homework

Choose from a huge range of topic-specific, fluency and problem-solving lessons,
games and activities to help set homework practice that students love.


Automated Marking & Reporting

See students’ mathematics progress and results on-demand with automatically
marked activities and comprehensive and easy-to-use digital reports.

See how our online mathematics learning programs can help you maximise your students' learning outcomes.

These schools are using our interactive mathematics software to engage and motivate students


It’s easy to use, it’s a great resource for lesson follow up tasks, independent tasks, homework, and the reports give excellent data. The certificates are really motivating too for the students.

Moana T, Year 7 & 8 Teacher St Joseph’s School Queenstown

By providing variety and enjoyment, Mathletics is helping us keep maths teaching fresh and alive. It’s helping us build mastery – because every activity includes three levels, this happens automatically.

Gary, Maths Subject Leader Surbiton High Girls' Prepatory School

I love that students are working at their own level and pace. The site supports the methods taight in class. It is possible to set lessons, though I usually don’t as it is good for kids to revise or be exposed to content that is different to what we are focusing on at a particular time.

Kaye G, Year 2 Teacher Charlton Christian College

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