Digital Software Designed to Help Boost Classroom Management Strategies

Foster positive behaviour and keep students making progress all year around. Bring the perfect blend of classroom management and meaningful learning tools to your classroom with our suite of education technologies for ages 4-16. Start a trial

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Mathematics and literacy software designed to
help you make classroom management simple…


Differentiate Your Classroom

Foster positivity with targeted learning

Create individual learning pathways for students with tailored content so they are always working in their Zone of Proximal Development, at a pace that suits them.


Save Time

Spend time nurturing your students, not managing your classroom

Let carefully designed tools take care of your busy work, like marking and tracking results, so you can spend time focusing on students who need additional support.


Create Meaningful Lessons

Deliver lessons that celebrate effort

Assign activities and plan rich, captivating lessons with fun, age-appropriate and curriculum-aligned content. Reinforce class learning with additional resources and motivate students to keep their effort up with awesome inbuilt rewards.


Engage Students

Instantly captivate
every learner

Encourage students to sharpen skills with gamified activities and achievement rewards that will motivate even the most reluctant learners to practice and apply knowledge.

Use our classroom management tools to help create a nurturing learning environment today!

Programs that help you juggle classroom management and meaningful learning…

Gamified & Meaningful Activities

Assign interactive activities that meet the standards of the curriculum
you teach. From spelling quizzes and writing practice to fluency challenges
and problem-solving, we cover it all!


Engaging Motivators & Rewards

Automatically reward students for their progress and effort with achievement
certificates, points, exclusive access to secret worlds and more!


Ready-Made Printable Resources

Access hundreds of printable worksheets, workbooks, lesson plans
and classroom posters ready help you make your students shine!


Easy-To-Assign Homework

Choose from a huge range of books, topic-specific activities, skills challenges,
lessons and assessments to master skills and celebrate student success.


Automated Marking & Reporting

Take the management out of marking with instant results and progress reports.
Use these on-demand reports to tailor learning to ensure students are being
served the right level of challenge with automatically marked activities
and easy-to-use reports.

Use our classroom management tools to help create a nurturing learning environment today!

Schools all over the world are already use
our programs as part of their classroom management strategy…


It’s a very well thought out program. The children enjoy using it and they don’t even realise how much they are learning.

Cheryl G, Team Leader Taupaki School

Mathletics covers a range of areas across the maths curriculum and is an excellent support in the classroom, especially with large class numbers!

Tyler R, Teacher Hamilton East School

Lessons go back to the very simple aspects of maths. Especially for the younger student. As a year ½ teacher I find these helpful to reinforce learning of numbers, shapes, colours and other basic of maths.

Jo F, Teacher Kelston Primary

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