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Fast phonics teacher resources

Fast Phonics (part of the Reading Eggs) now has everything you could ever need to teach phonics. With weekly teaching guides, lesson plans and teaching tips – spend less time planning and more time with your students.

Let’s check out what’s new in the Fast Phonics Teacher Resources.

1. A Comprehensive Weekly Teaching Guide

The Weekly Teaching Guide takes care of the lesson planning for you. For every Peak, you get access to a complete guide with lesson plans, printable flashcards, sound mats, games, and activities. That’s 20 weekly planners in total!

Each Weekly Teaching Guide includes:

  • A Weekly Planner that states the learning objectives and list of new high-frequency words and new decodable words
  • Sound Mat
  • Flashcards
  • Stretch it out cards – Cursive
  • Stretch it out cards – Print
  • CVC Cards in Cursive and Print
  • A list of tricky words and dictation
  • A reading record sheet of a Fast Phonics book
  • Student resources – phonics worksheets, handwriting worksheets and printable books

What’s in each Weekly Planner

Fast Phonics Weekly Planner for Teachers
In the Weekly Planner, you get a step-by-step guide on how to use Fast Phonics in your classroom for each day of the week. Learning objectives are set out, so you know exactly what you’re going to do.

Each phonics session is divided into four parts: Review, Teach, Practise/Practice and Apply. You can find specific Fast Phonics activities in each of these four areas, plus a weekly end of lesson assessment so that you can teach phonics in the best possible way.

2. Teaching Slide Decks

Fast Phonics Teaching Slide Decks


To help you with your in-class phonics instruction, each Peak comes with a PowerPoint Slide Deck. Whether you wish to present them on your interactive whiteboard or print them out and laminate them as teaching cards – it’s your choice!

3. Quick Links

If you need additional support on planning your phonics lesson, head over to the Quick Links section, where you can find phonics documentation such as:

  • Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence (GPC) Sequence
    If you wish to know how to cover the different sounds and letters, this guide shows the easiest and most common letters to the most difficult ones.
Fast Phonics Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence GPC Sequence Chart


  • Providing Extra Support to Students
    If you have older students who are having trouble decoding phonics, there’s a 3-page resource to help you navigate which sections in Fast Phonics can help those students.
  • Fast Phonics Components Overview
    A breakdown of the parts, activities and skills, with a snapshot of the focus, phase, sound and strategy videos, plus the high-frequency words, tricky words and decodable words taught in that Peak.
  • Fast Phonics Week by Week Teaching Overview
    Designed to help teachers record and track what is taught each week.
  • Fast Phonics Supplementary Online Library Books
    A list of all additional decodable books in the Fast Phonics Library, aligned to the different letters and sounds that can be shared with your students.

4. Training Videos

Training videos on how to teach phonics

In this section, you can find training videos showing you how to use Fast Phonics in your class. Topics include:

  • Segmenting and blending adjacent consonants
  • Teaching tricky words
  • Supporting students with core learning gaps
  • Assigning decodable readers/books to students and more!

Where To Find The New Fast Phonics Teacher Resources

Where to find Fast Phonics Teacher Resources

Located in the Reading Eggs Teacher Console under Fast Phonics ‘Lessons’, look out for the three new tabs at the top. Or you may simply select the “Resources” drop-down under the Lesson tab.

You can find the new phonics documents in ‘Quick Links’, under the ‘Fast Phonics’ tab.

The Complete Synthetic Systematic Phonics Resource for Teachers

From start to finish, Fast Phonics provides you with all the necessary teaching resources and support, so that you can shave off your planning time.

Best of all – the resources are all separable by phonics phases, focus sounds and words read, so you can quickly find the exact lesson or resource you’re looking for.

With an extensive range of phonics resources at your fingertips all in one place, all your phonics lesson planning is now taken care of with a click of a button!

Fast Phonics Teaching Guide

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