Learning how to spell is an integral part of every child’s education. Spelling acts as the basis of all literacy education and must be focused upon if a child is to advance their learning. Although spelling is covered at school, there are ways that you can get them interested in spelling at home. Here are a few tips on teaching your kids how to spell:

1. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

When learning an unknown word, first talk about what the word means, then try learning to spell it using the following technique:

  • look carefully at the word
  • say the word
  • cover the word
  • write it from memory
  • uncover and check your attempt against the correct word
  • repeat as needed

2. Let them help with any writing tasks

Encourage your child to write at home on both paper and the computer. Every bit of writing helps. Get them to write letters or notes to family members, fill out forms, make shopping lists, write birthday cards or even get them replying to emails. Remember – when your kids are writing, you’re not, which saves you time.

3. Play a game

Word games are always a great way to engage kids in learning. Classic games such as hangman, wordsearches or crossword puzzles are always winners with the kids. You can also find a variety of word games such as Word Detective in Spellodrome.

4Encourage creativity

Allow your child to write stories about the things they love. Encourage them to write the story without any assistance. Once the story is complete, correct any misspelt or misused words by using the “Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check” method.

5. Good readers make good spellers

Good spellers are usually good readers & good speakers and vice versa. Children learn to spell through reading, writing and speaking and their spelling vocabularies grow in proportion to the amount of reading, writing and speaking that they do. Get them to read a book to you before they go to bed to develop their vocal skills.

6. Repeat, repeat, repeat

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you repeat the necessary activities until you’re sure they are ready to move on. Try using Spellodrome at least once a day to reinforce key spelling concepts. You can even create your own word lists so that words your child finds difficult can be targeted.