Targeting Handwriting with Reading Eggs


Targeting Handwriting Interactively

The Targeting Handwriting Interactively program contains all the tools schools will need to teach their states’ handwriting using an interactive whiteboard. Each handwriting movement is animated on screen and supported by activities to assist students with their letter formation and fluency.

The program is divided into five simple menus:

  1. Basic Letter menu — downstroke patterns, hopping patterns, wave patterns and numerals.
  2. Exits and Entries menu — exits, rounded entries, pointed entries, letters that change.
  3. Joining menu — diagonal joins, drop-on joins, horizontal joins, up-sweeping joins, letters that don’t join.
  4. Pencil grip and paper position menu — animated demonstrations.
  5. Worksheet menu — practice pages for numerals and each letter’s plain script, exits and entries and joining.

There are ample opportunities for students to practice letters on the interactive whiteboard as well as demonstrating a perfect model of the script and each letter’s formation. Audio instructions are included for each letter as well as fun pictures and activities to reinforce letter recognition skills. You’ll also find tools to build your own handwriting worksheet.

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