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We know learning resources can be expensive and raising school funds isn’t easy – but we also know how valuable education is. Here are some ways to top up your school budget and ensure your students are equipped with the best learning resources.

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Hundreds of millions of dollars in education-related grants are available to schools each year from governments, charities and the private sector.

Taking advantage of funding opportunities can make a huge difference to your school and more importantly to the education of your students. Knowing what support options are available to your school, students and parents will help you to optimize the coverage of your school budget.

Let’s have a look.


Forming a cluster.

Many schools decide to form a group with other schools in their area who are also interested in purchasing our programs. If you are able to bring together a group of five or more schools, we maybe able to offer additional discounts for subscriptions.

Parent Contribution.

Some of our schools are confident that their parents would support the purchase and renewal of 3P Learning subscriptions – especially when they see the results in their own children. To assist in requesting parent funding we have developed parent fliers for your use.

Private Sector:

Businesses and organizations are eager to contribute to valuable societal causes, and often gaining support is a matter of informing them of your motivations. There are established grants that exist to support education efforts, however there is always the option of approaching an interested organization to seek assistance. Education is all about developing the leaders of tomorrow – not a bad initiative to support. Find out more here.


With hundred of national, state and local grants available each year, it is definitely worth investigating which ones are applicable to you. Find out more here.

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Access School Funding Brochure here.