Increasing literacy proficiency is the goal, which is why Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress meet students at their instructional reading levels. Whether your students are emerging readers or focused on enhancing comprehension and vocabulary skills, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress will meet the needs of your classroom.

From ‘Learning to Read’ to ‘Reading to Learn’ – we’ve got it covered. 

Phonemic Awareness

The ability to hear, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds, known as phonemes, in spoken words.  

Reading Eggs teaches phonemic awareness using a sequential series of skill-building activities designed to increase sound awareness. Students will also become familiar with the placement of individual phonemes as the initial, medial and final sound.


Correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters. 

Reading Eggs follows a method of teaching students to read by correlating sounds with written letters. Recognising this connection is an essential foundational reading skill. With an engaging set of characters taking your students on a journey, readers will learn how to decode words into sounds and encode sounds into words.


Understanding the meaning of words, their definitions and their context. 

Vocabulary is the glue that holds content together, making comprehension accessible.

With both Reading Eggs and Eggspress, learners will be able to increase the amount of words they understand and use as part of their working vocabulary. Within lessons, activities, games and eBooks, students will be provided with visual support to provide context and boost retention levels.


Ability to read with speed, understanding and accuracy.  

A variety of skills work together to build reading fluency. We understand that students need to have access to books at an appropriate reading level to improve their reading endurance that will help increase their reading fluency. Reading Eggs and Eggspress provide instructional activities that build a learner’s reading stamina at any level.

Reading Comprehension

Understanding the meaning of written text. 

With built-in pre-reading and post-reading activities, the programs ignite students’ thinking and build active reading comprehension skills. Incorporating fiction and non-fiction texts, the program will help readers imagine the characters and their adventures as well as gain new information and deepen their levels of understanding of new topics and concepts.

Try a literacy solution that covers not just some, but all 5 essential literacy components! 

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