Over 30 New Science Books In The Reading Eggs Library

Science Books in the Reading Eggs Library

Have you checked out the new additions to the Library in Reading Eggs?

You may recall back in May when we added Winnie the Pooh, together with other new books including Australia First Nations titles, World Adventure series, Silly Milly plus Trainer Tom series and more.

Well, the Library’s just gotten bigger with 30 new science books for your students to learn about the world around them.

From ecosystems to electricity, these books are great for in-class learning and as a cross-curricular resource!

1. Be a Scientist Series

Science Books to read in class - Let's investigate series

Reading age: 7 to 9

The world of science is a vast and intriguing one. This series consist of step-by-step experiment books that encourage young learners to question and investigate science for themselves.

Each book teaches a core science concept in an easy format that engages readers’ natural curiosity about how things work. Not forgetting the tons of great investigations and experiments for students to try at school or home!

2. Code Monkeys Series

Science Books to read in class - Code Monkey series

Reading age: 7 to 8

Code Monkeys are playful creatures that love to solve problems with code. This entertaining series shows children how they too can become a “code monkey” as they explore the computing world and learn programs such as Scratch and Python.

Creating Your Own Book Collections In The Teacher Library

Did you know? You can now create custom book collections right from your teacher dashboard and assign them to your students for specific time frames.

Watch this video to learn more about all the new areas in the Teacher Library.


The Teacher Library makes it easy for you to bookmark titles, create your own book collections and share them with your students. Use them on your class screen as part of a lesson or assign books to your students for home reading and encourage them to complete the quiz at the end of each book.

If you’re thinking of creating a Science Book Collection to support what you’re teaching in class, there are many other science books available in the Reading Eggs Library.

We handpicked a few other science series for Kindergarten/Reception to Grade/Year 4 levels:

Starting with STEAM 

This collection lets young learners explore some of the ways in which science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics work together to help them learn and understand the world.

  • Coding 1, 2, 3
  • Cooking with STEAM
  • Engineers are Problem Solvers
  • Scientists Use Tools
  • There’s Math in My Art

There’s also a range of Project: STEAM books you can read and use as follow-up activities for experiential learning in class.

Women in Science and Technology

This biography collection introduces young readers to influential women in science and technology, from astronauts to medical doctors.

  • Katherine Johnson
  • Mae C. Jemison
  • Megan Smith
  • Grace Hopper
  • Annie Easley
  • Elizabeth Blackwell

Now, let’s jump back in to the rest of the new science titles in the Library.

3. A Question of Science Series

Science books to read in class

Reading age: 7 to 9

This series link topics covered in Primary Science and uses entertaining question-and-answer format and funny comic-style illustrations to draw kids into science in a fun way.

Each book features one area of the sciences, addressing queries about what happens when they get sick or injured – such as “What are hiccups?” or “Why can you jump higher on the Moon?”

There’s even a “Quick-fire Questions” section at the end that answers a few extra intriguing questions.

4. Catch a Wave Series

Science books to read in class - Catch a Wave series

Reading age: 9 to 10

This series focuses on the properties and uses of waves in our world. Clearly explaining the relationships between waves and their properties, each title helps readers explore how waves can be manipulated to hear, see, and understand information.

Real-world examples, clear diagrams, vibrant images and question boxes help readers make connections and understand concepts.

5. Be an Engineer Series

Be an engineer series - Science books for kids

Reading age: 10 to 11

What does it take to build a house or road? In this series, readers will discover how engineers solve problems by designing structures that overcome physical obstacles.

Each book takes them through steps in an engineering design process to create models of everyday objects like buildings and bridges.

Real-world examples, vibrant photographs, and fact boxes in each book reinforce learning and encourage readers to design and create their own model structures.

Teacher reading with Reading Eggs Book

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Earth’s Processes Close-Up Series

Science books for kids - Earth's Processes Up-Close

Reading age: 6 to 8

If your students love geography – they would love this series! This series explains and illustrates how landforms such as mountains, caves, valleys, and coastlines are shaped by wind, water, and gravity.

Inside Out Series

Science books for kids - Inside Out series

Reading age: 7 to 11

The earth is a beautiful and intricately designed place. The Inside Out series explores each amazing biome on Earth to reveal the fascinating details of the organisms that live there.

Each book looks at each ecosystem, consisting of a complex web of organisms with interdependent relationships. It also zeros in on a particular organism within that ecosystem, explaining how it lives and functions there, and what crucial role it plays within the system.

Looking for Science Projects To Do in Class?

New Science books in The Reading Eggs Library

Projects are not only great for hands-on group learning, it also encourages creativity and help students learn about the technical processes.

For fun science experiments, check out these titles in the Library.

Slimy Science 

  • Magnetic Slime
  • Edible Slime
  • Crunchy Slime
  • Colourful Slime

Step by Step Projects

This series models how-to-projects for younger students and helps them understand how to follow steps in a process as required by the US Common Core State Standards for Reading Informational Texts.

  • How to make a Piñata
  • How to make a Terrarium
  • How to start a Lemonade Stand
  • How to build Box Cars and Trucks
  • How to make an Ant Farm
  • How to make Ice Cream
  • How to build a Bird House
  • How to bake a Cake

There are now over 120 science books for you to read, share and assign in the Teacher Library. All the above titles can also be found in the Steam Science section of the Library in your student’s console.

Other Great Resources In The Library

Reading Eggs Library

Besides being able to create your very own book collection, there are also reporting tools to track your class reading progress, book notes with teaching ideas, worksheets, and 300 printable decodable books/readers.

Get instant access to over 3,500 digital books when you sign up for a Reading Eggs school trial!

A Reading Eggs subscription not only comes with an ever-expanding Library of digital books, it also includes access to Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and Fast Phonics.

Stay tuned for our next Library release in November!

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