The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test


Looking for a free standardised spelling test to use with your class?

The Australian Standardised Spelling Test (ASSAT) is a norm-referenced assessment, which compares the performance of students to that of a reference group of peers. This allows you to determine each student’s spelling age and compare it to the normative spelling age for that year group. The resulting data can be used for reporting, differentiation, or teacher handover.

It’s suitable for students aged 5-15 years, with the word lists graded in difficulty and based on common sight words, commonly misspelled words, essential word lists, and word lists recommended in state and national curriculums.

The spelling ages listed in ASSAT were developed via the testing of over 4000 students Australia-wide, making it the most comprehensive measure of spelling age independently developed in Australia. Independently assessed, verified and standardized by Dr. Anthony Stokes of the Australian Catholic University, the results are acclaimed to be “more accurate than the original SAST results” (Stokes 2013).

How to use the Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test

The test is designed to be administered to a whole class. It is important that the date of the test administration and each student’s date of birth be recorded on the answer sheet.

The administrator reads the number of the word, the word, the sentence and the word again. e.g.“Number 12 – brush – Don’t forget to brush your teeth – brush.”

  • Students record their answers on the answer sheet.
  • Students should be encouraged to attempt as many words as possible.
  • The test can be stopped after 10 consecutive errors.
  • The test should be collected and marked by the administrator.
  • One point is awarded for each correct answer.
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