Introducing the 2014 Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test

& the Complete Diagnostic Test Series

A series of comprehensive literacy testing resources designed by the team at 3P Learning

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The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test

The Australian Standardised Spelling Test (ASSAT) is a norm-referenced assessment, which compares the performance of students to that of a reference group of peers. The test series is suitable for students aged 5-15 years, with the word lists graded in difficulty and based on many variations of lists including common sight words, commonly misspelled words, essential word lists and word lists recommended in state and national curriculums.

Independently assessed, verified and standardized by Dr. Anthony Stokes of the Australian Catholic University, the results are acclaimed to be “more accurate than the original SAST results” (Stokes 2013).

ASSAT can be accessed via a Spellodrome 14-day free trial.

The Complete Diagnostic Test Series

Created for teachers by teachers, the Complete Diagnostic Test Series assists in determining the strengths and weaknesses of individual student’s spelling skills.  The Diagnostic Tests are available at 3 levels, testing all four areas of spelling knowledge including visual, phonological, morphemic and etymological:

  • Level 1:  tests basic spelling skills and knowledge.
  • Level 2:  tests a broader range of spelling skills and knowledge. This stage involves recognising a large number of phonemes and rules.
  • Level 3:  is suited to more independent spellers who possess a wide range of spelling strategies but may have some problems with commonly misspelled words, unusual rules and etymology.

Suitable for all students, the test series results can be used to customise individual spelling programs for students.

Access the test series with a Spellodrome 14-day free trial.

Sample Test

The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test VS The Complete Diagnostic Test Series – what is the difference?

The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test is one that has been designed to give a student a spelling age compared with a norm referenced group of peers. Our standardised test is the most current, up to date and accurate version available at present. The Diagnostic Tests are used to diagnose areas of weakness and therefore plan which specific spelling rules need to be taught.

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