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The 2018 State of Our Schools survey found that 9 out of 10 public school teachers use their own money to purchase supplies for their school or students (AEU).

Moreover, half of these teachers spend more than $500 per year on basics such as stationery, classroom supplies and library resources (The Educator).

These findings got us thinking about the resources included in the Reading Eggs Teacher Toolkit. Packed with extra resources to support teaching and learning, the Teacher Toolkit holds considerable value (at no additional cost to Reading Eggs subscribers) for teachers who are looking for classroom resources. But how much exactly?

We attached a value to each resource based on the current market to get an answer. Here’s what we found.

Big Books | $14000



Big Books are a fantastic resource to use with your class for group reading sessions. Big Books come with book notes and a worksheet to solidify learning.


  • Current market price for Big Books ≈ $47
  • Big Books within Reading Eggs = 300
  • 47 x 300 ≈ $14000
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Ebooks | $12500



A favourite with teachers and students alike, the Reading Eggs Library holds over 2500 eBooks and $12500 in value when you assign each book the low price of $5 – that’s $12500 worth of books in the palm of each student’s hand!


  • Price of children’s book ≈ $5
  • eBooks within Reading Eggs = 2500
  • 5 x 2500 = $12500


“Targeting Text Interactively” Series | $2100



Targeting Text Interactively is a powerful series of teacher resources for teaching text types using an interactive whiteboard.


  • Current market price for Targeting Text Interactively resource ≈ $150
  • Interactives within Reading Eggs = 14
  • 150 x 14 = $2100


Printable Worksheets | $1655



Reading Eggs boasts a large range of printable worksheets to complement the online program. The worksheets cover phonics, spelling, grammar and writing.


  • Current average market price for a worksheet ≈ $5
  • Worksheets within Reading Eggs = 331
  • 5 x 331 = $1655


Total Value | More than $30 000




  • Big Books = $14000
  • eBooks = $12500
  • Targeting Interactively Series = $2100
  • Worksheets = $1655

  • Total = $30255


In a perfect world, no teacher would have to use their own savings to pay for basic school resources. However, challenges with school budgets force teachers to take matters into their own hands when it comes to resourcing.

There are many ways you can get your hands on classroom resources (such as books) on a budget. But we can’t think of any other way to get access to $30000 in high-quality resources other than a Reading Eggs subscription.

If you’d like to try Reading Eggs yourself and check out the Teacher Toolkit, sign up for a free school trial.

*All prices are in Australian dollars



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