We’re excited because one of our favourite times of the year is here – Book Week!

From 18 -24 August, children celebrate books, reading and everything that goes with them including authors, illustrators, characters and more.

We love the 2018 Book Week theme, “Find Your Treasure”, and the idea behind it – that books hold hidden treasures, discovered only when you start turning the pages. Or that books are treasures themselves.

Either way, the theme encourages exploration and discovery, and opens the opportunity for a wide range of activities to run with your class. Take a look at the Book Week activity ideas below and why not try them with your class.


Hold a scavenger hunt

This classroom scavenger hunt is a great way for children to get to know other students in their class and have some fun at the same time. They will be tasked with finding classmates who, for example, are born in the same month as them or have blue eyes.

You can download and print your copy here.



Search for errors with this proofreading activity

Proofreading is an important skill for students, particularly as they grow older. Being able to review your work, check that you’ve included all the right information and identify errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar could lead to extra marks on a test and means you can take pride in your work.

Try this proofreading activity, produced by the Reading Eggs team, with your class. It is suitable for students in years 3 and 4.



Explore over 2500 eBooks

With over 2500 eBooks to choose from, the Reading Eggspress library is a Book Week goldmine. It spans quality literature, poetry and drama texts, as well as a wide range of informational texts on historic and topical world issues. If you don’t use Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress register for a free trial here.



Hunt for treasure

If you have old library books, you could host a school-wide book hunt. Place books around the school (or a designated area) and have your students search for the treasure.



Pick your Book Week parade outfit

One of the most fun things about Book Week is the parade your school might host. If you are having a parade that means students have to pick their outfits! Remind them of the Book Week theme and have them come up with ideas based on it.



Uncover new genres

The Reading Eggspress Library contains over 2500 eBooks covering a range of titles including illustrated chapter books, full-colour non-fiction books and a range of classics.

Have your students try a genre they’ve never read before. You never know, they might like it!