4 Education Trends Coming in 2020


2020 is just around the corner, so we gathered our team of Education Specialists to make their predictions on what’s going to be big in the world of education next year.

Here’s what we think:

1. Customized Learning Experiences

Advancements in edtech will make it easier for teachers to offer a wider variety of content. Students, more device-savvy than ever, will be able to explore education through the mediums that resonate with them closely. It might be problem-solving in a digital modern learning environment, finding ways to understand what spelling is through games, or putting on some VR goggles and exploring vibrant ecosystems.

Despite the explosion of possibility, it makes our jobs easier. With differentiation and grouping automation getting exponentially better, it’ll take less work to set students on the right path, giving us back the precious time we need to properly help students on their learning journeys.

2. Student-Centred Learning

The idea of student-led learning centres is based on a simple concept:

Passion drives motivation. When we tap into student interests, it becomes much easier to build skills and knowledge.

2020 will see a reinvigorated focus on building lessons based on students’ interest and their personal learning goals. Working with students will, at least theoretically, create more active and dedicated learners.

3. Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning systems use data to adjust learning for students on an individual scale. From path to pace, adaptive learning is one avenue of personalised learning. The goal, as always, is to provide customised education to deliver the right content at the right time.

With adaptive learning, teachers can create engaging, personalized learning experiences. This enables a more inclusive approach to education, meaning at risk and advanced students both get the attention they need.

As class sizes continue to grow, adaptive learning provides an effective way for teachers to guide every student through each challenging lesson without overextending themselves.

4. Emerging Technology

Technology itself is nothing new. We’ve been dealing with an influx of new edtech for years now. However, in 2020, this tech will be getting even more advanced. Think all of the acronyms: AI, VR and AR.

The goal here is to facilitate more innovative teaching methods while enabling more engaging learning opportunities. When used correctly, the opportunity here is huge. Students will have access to cutting edge learning experiences without ever leaving their hometowns, like learning about Ancient Rome with a realistic simulation of the Colosseum.

Technology is a reality of the modern world, teachers know this. 82% of US teachers think using technology better prepares students for future careers. Next year will see us embracing all things digital and having a bit more fun with it!

Final Thoughts

Next year will see the education sector taking bigger strides towards individualised learning. Student engagement is the name of the game and educators will continue to find new ways to customise the learning experience for each student.

Technology will play a big role in this continued shift. As the instruments we use advance, our approach to education will evolve into a more data-driven process. This isn’t to say education will become more robotic, rather that teachers will be able to build their lesson plans around real-time insights into their students’ needs.

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