Reading Eggs makes learning to read engaging for learners with online reading games and activities.

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Where reading is just a part of the adventure..!

The multi-award winning learning resource that supports your learners reading skills with carefully designed online reading games and activities which are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging.

Reading Eggs is ideal for learners aged 4 to 13 years. The program includes Reading Eggspress, which focuses on developing essential comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and usage skills for learners in upper primary.

Big Books
Comprehension lessons
Teacher Resources

From the very building blocks of reading to developing advanced reading skills and strategies, Reading Eggs brings together an enormous range of lessons, motivational games, eBooks and a comprehensive reporting system – creating an engaging and effective learning environment for Primary School learners.

Made for learners…

Reading Eggs can support your teaching program with texts that are accessible to both you and your learners. No more taking turns borrowing books like a regular school library! Many eBooks in the library also have dedicated book notes, printable activities, chapter and book quizzes.

Use this guide to quickly find the Reading Eggs Library books applicable for Years 1 to 7. Mathematics, Science, History and Geography are covered, as well as the three cross-curriculum priorities.


Positive Reinforcement.

It is no secret that positive reinforcement is one of the biggest motivators for young learners, which is why it is incorporated into as many areas of Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress as possible. Learners earn varying amounts of Eggs for reading books, writing stories, completing quizzes and lessons, and playing games. Eggs can be spent in the shop to personalise learners’ avatars and decorate their virtual home.

Assess. Diagnose. Report.

Reading Eggs includes real-time reporting. Teachers also have access to a complete overview of the content covered as well as word lists and skill charts once a learner has completed a map.

The program also offers an extensive range of teaching resources to supplement the online resource in the classroom, including book notes and learner worksheets covering writing, grammar and comprehension.

Read for meaning.

Reading Eggs is not just about engaging activities. The Storylands area enables learners to read for meaning and includes even more lessons.

The extensive Teacher Toolkit contains interactive activities, teaching resources, lesson plans and a massive library of Big Books. It’s a comprehensive print library at your fingertips.

Real-time quizzing against other learners.

The exciting, engaging and hugely popular Reading Eggspress Stadium is an exciting LIVE arena of competition!

Learners practice spelling, grammar and vocabulary fluency, building confidence in timed games.  Learners are able to compete against other learners in their class, school, or around the world.

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