Pi Day 2016: Celebrate with the Mathletics team

Let's talk Pi (π) Happy 3.14159265359 Day! That’s right, the 14 March is the annual worldwide celebration of Pi. Pi is represented by the Greek symbol π. Did you know that the number Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle circumference (C) to its diameter (d) and is

Support your preps using Mathletics

Mathletics is a valuable learning resource and an engaging online platform that can beneficially support prep students in their educational journey. Mathletics is the world’s leading online numeracy resource, helping students to love learning and achieve greater results through engaging contact that perfectly matches their school curriculum. Here are 12 tips for teachers when

Belinda Piggott closes the distance as a Mathletics Lead Educator

We warmly welcome Belinda Piggott to the Mathletics community as a Lead Educator I am a teacher at the Capricornia School of Distance Education.  I have been at this school for 8 years.  The school has a dynamic community.  I am currently teaching Year 5 and spent last year as a Pedagogical Coach for our

Congratulations Challenge Winners: Mathletics Teacher Certification

And the winners are... 500 Mathletics teacher certificates have been issued in the Certification Challenge Recently teachers were invited to complete one, two or three levels of Mathletics Certification – each level awarding PD hours and a chance to go into the draw to win one of two Samsung Tab 3 8.0.   Aussie teachers have

SLIM Conference 2014

Student Learning in Mathematics - SLIM Conference 2014 Hosted by Varsity College in Varsity Lakes, QLD, the SLIM Conference 2014 focuses on students learning in new and engaging ways through the use of 21st Century skills. Delegates from Upper Primary through to Senior Secondary will be inspired with a diverse and interactive workshop program where a

Dan Haesler on Blogging with Purpose

Dan Haesler unlocks the power of the blog Dan Haesler discusses how to enhance teaching and learning through blogs and discusses three key types: teachers' professional blogs, classroom blogs and individual student blogs.  Dan tells us why and how to access this powerful tool and includes links to get you started. Dan Haesler will

Year 3 student makes his focus Gold Bars and the World Hall of Fame

Oliver's Golden Smile says it all! Oliver Goodger, Yr 3 Brighton Grammar, VIC My name is Oliver Goodger and I am in grade 3 at Brighton Grammar. I love Mathletics because it help me learn maths and it is heaps of fun. I play Mathletics whenever I have free time. The multiplication and

Mathletics Teachers Have The Best Ideas!

Mathletics Certification - teachers spread the word When we asked Mathletics teachers to tell us how they would let their colleagues know about Mathletics Teacher Certification, boy they didn’t disappoint!   The creativity and willingness to collaborate stands out.  Check out some of their ideas and find the ones that inspire you... or share your own ideas

Launceston Church Grammar teachers share how they motivate students

Eeeeexcellent Smithers! Student recognition takes places in creative ways across our schools.  Helen Wilson and Michael Odbert's class at Launceston Church Grammar takes it to the next level!  Tell us the Mathletics motivators you have for students in your class. Simon "Monty" Haberle, Launceston Church Grammar Tasmania Archie Wilkinson, Mathlete of the

Roger Tattersall, Lead Educator in Tasmania

Roger Tattersall, St Patrick's College, Tasmania St Patrick's College celebrates second Mathletics Lead Educator! Roger Tattersall has been employed at St Patrick's College since 2010. His teaching specialisation is Mathematics across Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary year levels. Roger has held the role of Head of Mathematics at St Patrick's, and has had

Lead Educator Debbie Reinholtd, VIC joins Lead Educator Community

Debbie Reinholtd shares her passion for mathematics with Fleetwood PS Debbie Reinholdt, Fleetwood PS, VIC Debbie is a dynamic, motivated primary teacher bringing a strong passion for mathematics to her role as the Numeracy Coordinator at Fleetwood Primary School in Victoria.   Debbie is making a significant contribution to the schools’ policies and mathematical

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Coomera Rivers SS

Students at Coomera Rivers SS are pure gold! Principal Vic Graham, Deputy Principal Wendy Artz and students at Coomera Rivers SS, Qld In recognition of the outstanding results attained this year by the students at Coomera Rivers State School, Jenny Fahey from Mathletics was invited to attend their Junior Assembly for Gold Certificate

Mathletics welcome the ACT’s first Lead Educator Tiffany Ward

Tiffany Ward, Canberra achieves Mathletics Lead Educator Certification My name is Tiffany Ward and I have been in the teaching profession for 4 ½ years. The Mathletics Lead Educator Program has provided me with a chance to implement, deliver and evaluate a school wide action plan. I currently teach a Year 5 enrichment class which

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Amaroo

 Mathletics @ Amaroo – an Action Research Project In 2013, Tiffany Ward was approached by her Deputy Principal to engage in an action research project exploring the effectiveness of the Mathletics program at Amaroo School, a P-10 school of approx 1700 students in Canberra. After collecting data from staff, students and the community, she presented

Mathletics Teachers tell how they introduce Certification at their school!

Mathletics Teachers Keep Coming up with Great Ideas on Certification! When we asked Mathletics teachers to tell us how they would share Mathletics Teacher Certification with their colleagues, they just keep on giving!   Some ideas involve careful planning and follow up and others involve humour but whatever works in your school!  Thank you to all

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