The benefits of online learning spaces

It’s not a groundbreaking concept to suggest that students benefit from individualised learning practices. Every student learns in a different way, and teaching methods that are effective for one student may not be compatible with another’s preferred learning style. But it is a difficult task for teachers to tailor their lessons to

Professional Development Opportunity: Dr. Marian Small Videos

We recognize that teachers are lifelong learners. To help their students succeed, they continuously seek to augment their toolbox of skills. According to a study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the ideal professional development experience should possess a variety of attributes  in order to be successfully implemented in day-to-day teaching. Professional development

Why gaming CAN actually be good – a parent’s perspective…

We are always interested to hear parents' feedback and opinions around gaming and their childrens' computer use.  Whilst our e-learning products contain gaming elements in a purely educational environment, we are aware that many of your children will be also be active gamers - about which you will all have conflicting views, we are sure!

Empowering independent learning with interactives

Designed by educators, Spellodrome uses the ‘play and practice’ mantra as the vehicle to engage and encourage students to enjoy and improve their spelling skills. With integrated games like “Find-A-Word”, students are able to consolidate their learning in a fun and creative way, whilst ensuring they know their assigned “Word Lists” back-to-front! These fun and

Learning to read online with Reading Eggs

In order to support your students to become fluent readers who read for meaning, there are five elements that students needs to master. These five critical literacy areas are covered in ABC Reading Eggs. The five elements include: 1. Phonemic Awareness Phonemes are the units of sound that make up a word. Developing phonemic awareness is the

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Anchoring student learning with Mathletics

How Mathletics activities can help students learn. We all use anchors as a way of remembering specific things. Remember “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” as a stimuli for learning direction or how hearing your wedding song can elicit feelings of happiness and joy? Teachers anchor information for students all of the time by providing stimuli (auditory,

How to develop fluency using Live Mathletics

Tips to develop fluency using Mathletics The Australian Maths Syllabus requires fluency, as one of the four proficiency strands, to be addressed when exploring and developing the content from the three content strands.  Nicola Herringer, our Mathletics Primary Publisher, explains that procedural fluency is the ‘ability to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately where factual

More Teaching and Learning with Mathletics

Mathletics Teacher Console tips Our teachers tell us that by using a range of Mathletics resources and strategies, they succeed in developing independent learners.  And all these resources can be found in your Teacher Console! Ensure your students are working on activities that support your teaching program by using Results to focus their attention. Group your students

Online Learning takes off at Yamba Public School

Benefits of Mathletics & Reading Eggs at Yamba Public School Yamba Public School fosters learning opportunities for their students using online education platforms. Alan Anderson, from Yamba Public School, shares how they have achieved whole school participation in two of our online learning programs, namely ABC Read Eggs and Mathletics. These are excellent programs as

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Getting Started with Mathletics Series: So your class is new to Mathletics?

Here are some Mathletics preparation tips if you and your students are new to the online learning resources. Laminate your students' sign in cards or ask students to paste their sign in cards into their maths books or school diary (and don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself in case they are misplaced!)

Can pedagogy drive technology?

We are all familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy but what an innovative and digitally relevant version by Allan Carrington.  The “Padagogy Wheel Version V3.0” illustrates the synergy between quality teaching and learning and technology.   Jeff Dunn from Edudemic poses the question “How do we show teachers that the pedagogy should drive the technology and not the

It’s never too early to enjoy the Times Tables Toons App!

We were delighted to receive the below images of little Bailey as he rocks out to the Mathletics Times Tables Toons App on his Mum's iPad! He is only two years old- which just shows that it's never too early to get grooving with Max the Cat and his Times Tables Toons Band. Keep up

What makes a great learner?

As experienced teachers we understand what makes a child a great learner. Surely it’s having an intellectual curiosity, an active approach to learning and a network style of thinking, for a start. So then, would you consider yourself a great learner? In the recent clip Great Teachers Are Great Learners created by The Innovation Unit

Driving Digital Learning

This post shared recently by Nikolaos Chatzopoulos on Edudemic caught our attention and we wonder how many of our users share this interest. We know many schools are going down the path of considering tablets for their schools.  So many considerations, so many questions and a big expense from a limited education budget! What we

Mathletics for Teacher Use Training Tips

Bringing your classroom into the 21st century with Mathletics. Mathletics was built by teachers for teachers, so there are plenty of ways to make life easier at the chalkface. Our close relationship with our teachers means we also receive plenty of excellent feedback, which enables the continual development and improvement of the Mathletics interface and

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