Educational Crusader to bring her world renowned ‘creative thinking in mathematics’ workshop to New Zealand.

Known for her message of ‘Big ideas’ and ground-breaking research into questioning strategies in mathematics, Dr. Marian Small is bringing her world renowned critical and creative thinking workshop to New Zealand for the first time this August. Dr. Small’s Building Critical and Creative Thinkers in Mathematics in Year 1 – Year 10 workshop explores ways

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Why practising a concept three times matters

At Mathletics everything we do is focused on helping students improve their maths. We have analysed over 1.1 billion answers from students who have completed three or more curriculum activities (a curriculum activity consists of a set of 10 questions). There are over 1200 curriculum activities ranging from Adding to 10  in Kindergarten to Integration of Trigonometric Functions

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Cool careers in science

We know that there has been a decline in students electing to take up STEM subjects at school or university. To encourage students to take up careers in STEM fields, we have pulled together a short list of possibilities where an education in science, technology, engineering or mathematics may lead. Teaching We know that less

Tips on beating the morning rush

It’s that time of the year again – when each morning turns into a desperate race against time to get the kids ready, out the door and off to school. This often chaotic morning ritual has the capacity to leave even the most seasoned professional pulling out their hair. To help alleviate this, we

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Back to School Survival Tips

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How to help your child with their homework.

  Homework can be a stressful part of a family's week. Here are a few tips to help get off to a strong start this school year and help make positive homework and study habits that  can benefit your children long into the future. Start the year with a homework plan - Finding time to get

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Simple activities to build your young child’s writing skills

Simple activities to build your young child’s writing skills Celebrate writing. Homemade stories, books and letters make great gifts for friends and family. Encourage children to write and illustrate a picture book for a grandparents birthday or to write 'thank you' cards and notes to show their appreciation. Make writing fun and rewarding. Encourage

First day back to school survival tips from a mother of two

As a working mother of two, I know that the first day back of school can be stressful for the whole family. For me its a day of mixed emotions, I'm immensely proud and excited about how they're progressing at school, but sad that they seem to be growing up so quickly. And the summer

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Reading your way through the holidays!

With the school holidays in full swing, we thought we’d take the time to remind you why reading a book can be one of the most boredom-eliminating activities for children, whilst being a welcome school holiday sound-reducer for parents. Here are some of the main reasons why you should encourage your kids to read their way

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No internet? No problem!

For the first time ever, students can access Mathletics both online and offline - meaning flexibility and mobility like never before!  Ideal for travel and use in classrooms, schools and at home where bandwidth and wifi is limited or restrictive. Simply visit the iTunes App store on the iPad to download the most current version of

New Mathletics curriculum activities now available!

The Mathletics education team are continuously monitoring and upgrading your resource to provide more content and an even better experience. Our curriculum experts around the world work continually to build new activities to meet the specific objectives, outcomes, requirements and standards within our range of nationally and locally aligned Mathletics courses. Today, we have released 47

Assign Work now available for Reading Eggspress

  You have asked - and we have listened. Available immediately, the new Assign Work for Reading Eggspress will give teachers additional control over content and more reporting than ever before.     Through this new feature, you will now be able to: Assign Reading Eggspress lessons & books to individual students, multiple students or their entire class. All assignments need

Special Announcement: Honda NZ to sponsor eLearning licenses for Kiwi students

3P Learning and Honda New Zealand are working together to offer increased educational support for Kiwi students through sponsored eLearning licenses 1,100 children per year will receive learning assistance due to this new partnership, and Honda New Zealand is excited to be involved with such a vital learning tool. Honda’s sponsorship of 3P Learning is

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Developing Your Personal Learning Network

When considering professional learning, how much weight do you place upon the creation of your learning network?  We love this super quick tool to see where you can shape your learning as a connected leader using social media:   Register to follow the Love Learning blog or become part of the conversation and CLICK HERE

What does it take to be a great Mathletics school?

As leaders in your school, the question of how to best use technology to aid learning is probably common place.  It goes without saying that our students are technologically savvy, demand engagement and require personalisation of their learning. Whether it is Mathletics, You Tube or other online resources for learning, each of their success is

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