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Lead Educator Jess Szalek’s love of maths is shared at Hillsmeade PS, VIC

Students chant Maths!  Jess Szalek has a deep love of Mathematics and a determination to pass this onto students.   Her quest to keep mathematical learning as engaging and exciting as possible is evidenced by the whole school assemblies every fortnight that have the entire student body of over 900 students chanting “MATHS!” until the announcement

Pi Day 2016: Celebrate with the Mathletics team

Let's talk Pi (π) Happy 3.14159265359 Day! That’s right, the 14 March is the annual worldwide celebration of Pi. Pi is represented by the Greek symbol π. Did you know that the number Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle circumference (C) to its diameter (d) and is

December Mathletics Master Class

Congratulations Ms. Wallden! We are excited to announce our December Mathletics Master Class recipient – Marie Wallden, grade 5/6 teacher at Deroche Elementary School within Mission District (SD 75), British Columbia. We are thrilled that all students in grades 1 - 6 at Deroche Elementary School are using Mathletics! School: Deroche Elementary School Teacher: Marie Wallden

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Professional Development Opportunity: Dr. Marian Small Videos

We recognize that teachers are lifelong learners. To help their students succeed, they continuously seek to augment their toolbox of skills. According to a study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the ideal professional development experience should possess a variety of attributes  in order to be successfully implemented in day-to-day teaching. Professional development

Why Mathletics can be your teaching resource

Using Results · Use Results daily/weekly to set tasks, view attainment results and differentiate work for individuals or your full class. · View examples of the student activity using the drop down menu in the ‘Action bar’ to ensure it meets your requirements. · Aim to have every score 85% or better – those students not

SLIM Conference 2014

Student Learning in Mathematics - SLIM Conference 2014 Hosted by Varsity College in Varsity Lakes, QLD, the SLIM Conference 2014 focuses on students learning in new and engaging ways through the use of 21st Century skills. Delegates from Upper Primary through to Senior Secondary will be inspired with a diverse and interactive workshop program where a

Roger Tattersall, Lead Educator in Tasmania

Roger Tattersall, St Patrick's College, Tasmania St Patrick's College celebrates second Mathletics Lead Educator! Roger Tattersall has been employed at St Patrick's College since 2010. His teaching specialisation is Mathematics across Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary year levels. Roger has held the role of Head of Mathematics at St Patrick's, and has had

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Coomera Rivers SS

Students at Coomera Rivers SS are pure gold! Principal Vic Graham, Deputy Principal Wendy Artz and students at Coomera Rivers SS, Qld In recognition of the outstanding results attained this year by the students at Coomera Rivers State School, Jenny Fahey from Mathletics was invited to attend their Junior Assembly for Gold Certificate

Mathletics welcome the ACT’s first Lead Educator Tiffany Ward

Tiffany Ward, Canberra achieves Mathletics Lead Educator Certification My name is Tiffany Ward and I have been in the teaching profession for 4 ½ years. The Mathletics Lead Educator Program has provided me with a chance to implement, deliver and evaluate a school wide action plan. I currently teach a Year 5 enrichment class which

TIPS: Developing fluency in Mathletics

Tips for Mathletics activities Suggest students repeat an activity three times to ensure consolidation of concepts, improved understanding and fluency.  This is important even if students achieved mastery first time because they will receive fresh questions that are often adaptive. Recommend students access Easier activities within their course to build fluency before tackling their

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Teaching and Learning with Mathletics

Tips to help you with Mathletics In Results, set tasks for students to provide an in-class focus and to support your lesson. Do be mindful not to overload your students though. Improve individual and class results by resetting activities to move students towards mastery. These ideas are just some of the great teacher

How to use Mathletics as a teaching tool?

Mathletics in the classroom The classroom is such a busy place. Discover teaching tools within Mathletics that will ensure your students will develop as independent learners according to their own targeted and individual learning pathways. Check Results and Reports for class and individual student data to inform your planning. Use the Course area to

Anchoring student learning with Mathletics

How Mathletics activities can help students learn. We all use anchors as a way of remembering specific things. Remember “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” as a stimuli for learning direction or how hearing your wedding song can elicit feelings of happiness and joy? Teachers anchor information for students all of the time by providing stimuli (auditory,

Teaching and Learning with Mathletics

Mathletics Teacher console As a teacher, Mathletics will develop your students as learners and ensure they achieve the best results possible.  Mathletics is well suited to a range of teaching and learning strategies, for example, group work, whole class teaching, peer teaching, collaborative learning and individual study. Use Support in Teacher Demonstration as an

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