What is Sheena Cameron reading right now?

I'm reading a great book at the moment - Quiet by Susan Cain.  It is about the way society views introverts in a culture where being extroverted is often promoted as the ideal. It has really made me think about this with reference to education and the current move towards open plan or 'modern learning'

Learning to read online with Reading Eggs

In order to support your students to become fluent readers who read for meaning, there are five elements that students needs to master. These five critical literacy areas are covered in ABC Reading Eggs. The five elements include: 1. Phonemic Awareness Phonemes are the units of sound that make up a word. Developing phonemic awareness is the

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NAPLAN Literacy Trends

Take a look at the NAPLAN Literacy Trends for 2008 - 2013. National Minimum Standard (NMS) In 2013: The following graph shows the percentage of students Australia wide who are statically above the National Minimum Standard (NMS) in the different literacy components in 2013. The following conclusions can be drawn from this data:

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International Children’s Book Day

 International Children’s Book Day  is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your favourite children’s books and to inspire a love of reading. At the British International School of Belgrade pupils have made some reading resolutions.  What will your reading resolutions be?  We have created some reading resolutions certificates that you can share with your pupils.  Year

Help us to create a standardised spelling test for Spellodrome!

The Literacy team at 3P Learning is working to develop a new spelling test to establish a standardised spelling age across the UK.  More than 2 million students from over 4000 primary and secondary schools from our community have been invited to take part in helping us create the most relevant and accurate test available.  

Teaching kids how to handle money

Literacy and numeracy aren't the only core life skills that children need to develop.  In fact, one of the most valuable skills we can pass onto our children is good money management.  Who is responsible for teaching financial literacy though? Schools should teach kids how to manage money The development of a national teaching program

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Looking for a complete spelling diagnostic test for your students?

Introducing the Complete Diagnostic Test Series. The most current, relevant spelling diagnostic test series available to Australian teachers, from  3P Learning, the team behind Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience. The Complete Diagnostic Test Series has been created for teachers by teachers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual students’ spelling skills. The results can then be

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