5 essential IntoScience teacher tips

Have you had the chance to explore all that IntoScience has to offer you, as a teacher? IntoScience provides unparalleled control for teachers allowing easier classroom management. To help you discover the possibilities of IntoScience's teacher functions and make the most out of you and your students' IntoScience journey, we have compiled a few handy tips. Enjoy!

The power of immersive learning with IntoScience

Around a century ago, a man called Edward Thorndike described three basic laws of learning: readiness, exercise and effect.  Thorndike was a celebrated psychologist who spent much of his life studying and documenting the complex process of learning. In recent years three additional laws have been added: primacy, intensity and recency.  These six

3P Learning to Debut the Latest 3D Middle School Science Resource: IntoScience in San Francisco Wednesday, May 20

The team behind the highly successful and effective K-12 math resource, Mathletics, is excited to announce the release of IntoScience for Grades 6, 7 & 8 across 137 schools in the Bay Area on Wednesday May 20. Created specifically for the needs of Middle School science students, IntoScience helps students master the core science

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How to keep your child learning through the holidays

Nobody will be more aware of this "whew" than those with a house-load of energetic, excitable and restless kids. Add rain, cold weather, siblings, together with the inevitable colds and flu and it can be a recipe for disaster that will get you agreeing to ANYTHING (literally) for a few minutes of quiet. Before you:

Varsity College opens the door to discovery

Primary and Secondary Workshops on Mathletics, Reading Eggs and IntoScience Varsity College, Varsity Lakes QLD In March this year, Varsity College is opening its doors to teachers on the Gold Coast.  Teachers are invited to attend one of two Discovery Workshops (Primary and Secondary) with a specific focus on assessment, NAPLAN preparation and using data

Teacher focus: How to use the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program

You can use the investigation program to teach in many different ways. It’s your choice! Here are some ideas to get you started: In the classroom: Independent learning: Simply allow the students to enter the caves and wander around. They will encounter the sample stations and be prompted to activate them by correctly placing instruments

The Jenolan Caves Investigation Program’s purpose for your students

What is the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program? The Jenolan Caves Investigation Program is a groundbreaking education experience which makes it possible for students to investigate one of the most spectacular cave systems in the world right from their computer or tablet. Integrated with IntoScience, the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program puts students into a virtual world

The making of IntoScience’s Jenolan Caves Investigation Program

A cave-load of work has gone into being able to deliver the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program to students across the nation, and here is how it has happened… Watch the video below for the first installment on the making of the Jenolan Caves program.   Discovering the Jenolan Caves The story begins with a visit

Meet “Zebedee” – CSIRO’s cutting edge technology

CSIRO is pushing the boundaries of 3D mapping with its groundbreaking handheld laser scanner, Zebedee.  The Zebedee is transforming the ways in which we are able to digitally experience unknown environments, as it possesses the ability to map locations which were previously too challenging to measure. This capability is attributed to the fact that firstly,

The Periodic Table

Brighten up your science lab with the Periodic Table The IntoScience team have produced a range of resources for teachers to accompany the online program - perfect for adding extra spice to classroom learning. Motivate your students to learn the elements of the periodic table with these handy posters. All posters are completely free -

Together we have the power to protect the ocean

World Ocean Day 8 June 2014 Did you know that our oceans hold around 97% of the Earth's water? The remaining 3% can be found as freshwater in glaciers, rivers, lakes, underground and in the atmosphere. On June 8 let's celebrate World Ocean Day and appreciate the importance, beauty and necessity of our world's oceans

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World Water Day 2014

World Water Day is an international day to celebrate freshwater. It is held every year on the 22 March to focus attention on the importance of water and advocating sustainable management of our water resources. As March 22 falls on a Saturday, World Water Day will be held on Friday 21 March this year. In

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Our Place in Space

Our Place in Space   Our resident IntoScientist and passionate educator, Dave Canavan looks into "Our Place in Space" as we celebrate World Space Week. How Much Do You Really Know About Your Solar System? If I were to ask you to name the planets in order from the Sun, could you? It is a

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Discover the ‘building blocks of life’ with IntoScience

With IntoScience, students can explore the importance of cells as the ‘building blocks of life’.  We know that every living organism consists of at least one cell, with many consisting of millions and trillions of cells – like humans! But how is it that cells create organisms?  IntoScience guides students through the cell hierarchy, providing

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Brain cells created directly from skin cells

Cell research is very important and highly specialised, with potentially life-saving outcomes leading to revolutions in the field of medicine and health.  Below is an example of such research. Brain cells created directly from skin cells (courtesy of Katie Lee, Cosmos Magazine : www.cosmosmagazine.com) Researchers have transformed adult mouse skin cells directly into functional nerve cells, skipping

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