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Encourage your students to read for pleasure at home during the holidays

The Reading Eggs Holiday Read-a-thon is all about fostering a love for reading! With 3,500+ eBooks available in the digital Library, your students are sure to find something they’ll love to read over the holiday break. Encourage your students to take part by reading as many books as they can to help your school win the competition! And the best part? It’s hands-off for teachers!

Register for the Holiday Read-a-thon to:

  • Use your online Library of 3,500+ eBooks in Reading Eggs
  • Use the NEW interactive student Reading Journal to celebrate their reading journey
  • Get the chance to compete with other schools with prizes for the top 50

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Competition dates: December 19, 2022 – January 8, 2023

  • Encourage your students to read at home during the holidays
  • Students choose their own books and read for pleasure
  • Get your whole school involved
  • Engage your students’ parents
  • View reporting after the Read-a-thon to see what your students read and reward top readers
Register by December 8 to join the fun!

See why over 16,000 schools trust Reading Eggs to help their students learn to read

I give reading assignments to my students at their ability levels and interest. I love the wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts as they vary in style and genre of reading material.

Elizabeth O., Kingswood, Australia

The children absolutely love it. The are really keen to move up the levels, and earn certificates. They also enjoy watching others working, to see what is happening on the screen. As a teacher it is very straight forward setting tasks and then monitoring how the children are getting on.

Helen S., Colchester, United Kingdom

I love the individual pace students are able to work at. Those who struggle receive more practice. Those who are ‘high fliers’ can move faster. The program is fun for kids, rewarding, and helps them learn phonics and reading.

Amy M., Franklin, MN, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prizes?

A selection of gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top schools. These medals can be handed out to your top students! Plus, some extra Reading Eggs goodies!

How are the winners determined?

Winning schools are determined by the highest average number of books read per registered student on your Reading Eggs account. So make sure to get all of your students with a Reading Eggs account involved!

How do I get my whole school involved?

Encourage fellow teachers at your school to sign up and make it a school-wide event to foster healthy competition, build community and promote literacy in a fun way! Even if your school doesn’t win, you can still award your top readers with custom Reading Eggs certificates (and your own prizes)!