The Alberta Curriculum Support Package

Ensure a smooth rollout across your school

Launching a new curriculum in your school or classroom is never easy, and here at Mathletics we understand that the new math curriculum is going to put pressure on schools and teachers across Alberta this September.

That’s why we’ve created a package to support you through this transition and ensure a smooth rollout.

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What the Package offers:

  • Gives you confidence that teachers across your school have the support they need to teach the new curriculum to the highest standards
  • Save time modifying old lesson plans and resources to align with the new curriculum
  • Allows teachers to focus on their regular back-to-school activities without the additional workload during one of the busiest times of the year

What’s in the package:

  • Customized 1-hour professional development session on new curriculum adoption and resource alignment
  • 5 weeks of lesson plans aligned to the new Alberta math curriculum
  • Resources provided in each lesson plan to make the most of Mathletics for the new curriculum

Alberta Education approved vendor

Developed by our team of education experts, led by Sheila Robitaille.

Sheila is a veteran teacher and educational leader with 27 years of experience as a classroom teacher, program director, professional development specialist and principal. Over the years, Sheila has adopted new curricula in schools across Canada and the US.

“The introduction of a new curriculum is always challenging for schools, and at Mathletics we’re here to support teachers across Canada the best way we can. That’s why we’ve designed our Alberta Curriculum Support Package to make rolling out the new math curriculum as easy and effective for teachers and school leaders across our Alberta Mathletics community.”

Sheila Robitaille, M.Ed., B.S., OCT – Education Specialist

More about our Alberta Curriculum Support Package

Can I get going straight away?

Absolutely! This is the idea of the Support Package, we want to make educator’s lives easier and let you focus on what you do best, teaching. You can get started right away and we’ll provide you with the support you need to align with the new math curriculum.

How do I know it’s any good?

Glad you asked! This package has been put together by our team of professional learning specialists who have taught in the classroom, served as administrators and have years of experience coaching, facilitating workshops and creating professional development courses.

The Alberta Curriculum Support Package is new for the 2022/23 academic year, however we’ve been running Professional Development for teachers across Canada for 5+ years now, and here’s what teachers have had to say about our PD courses.

“We learned so many things, from the ins and outs of this amazing new resource to the excellent teaching ideas that can help support learning in our schools.” – College Heights Christian School

“Our K-2 staff felt the training was concise and informative. They walked away from the training with ideas they will be able to use as they collaborate for next school year.” – Northside Elementary School

Is the Support Package aimed at individual teachers or my whole school?

Both! Any curriculum roll-out strategy is most effective when launched with a whole school approach. However, educators are nothing if not flexible, so we’ve designed our package for teachers to purchase their lesson plans and PD independently or as a whole school.

What’s included in the lesson plans?

Developed by a team of professional development and curriculum experts, the lesson plans are designed for immediate use so Mathletics users can adopt the new curriculum without delay. Lesson plans include:

  • Weekly learning objectives and success criteria, straight from the new Alberta curriculum.
  • Five weekly teaching guides for each day of the week with ‘Teach’, ‘Practice’, and ‘Apply’ instruction, as well as suggestions for homework and assignments.
  • Online and offline resources to complement each lesson, available in Mathletics.
What’s included in the professional development session?

This can be customized to the needs of you and/or your school and will be discussed with a member of your school’s support team before your session. All sessions will cover the new curriculum adoption, how to use the lesson plans and how to find the curriculum aligned resources. Depending on your needs, the session may also include a Mathletics refresher or additional training on a particular part of the program. Just let us know how we can help you get the most from your session!

What happens after I fill out the form?

A member of your school’s support team will reach out to answer more questions (if you have them!) and will then deliver your lesson plans and schedule your PD session.

This sounds great for my school but what if I’m not the decision maker?

No problem! Just fill out the form to request more information and then you can let us know who best to speak with.