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Play Video Why schools love using Mathletics

“My students love Mathletics purely for the fact that it’s very engaging.”

See how Barker College is using Mathletics to help students excel in math(s) and have fun while doing it!​

Get insights on how their educators implement it successfully and hear why students love using it.

6 Ways To Use the Reading Journal to Celebrate Reading ​

The Reading Journal in Reading Eggs is not just an interactive book record that celebrates your students’ reading journey, it can also be used to promote a strong reading for pleasure in class.

Learn six simple but effective ways​

What sets Mathseeds apart?​

Learn how Mathseeds plants core numeracy skills and is designed to meet and support the needs of early learners.

See how early learners benefit from Mathseeds

How Technology Can Make Effective Differentiation Part of Your Daily Routine​

Good use of technology can allow us to effectively differentiate our teaching every day. Want to take advantage of it so that differentiation becomes faster to plan and easier to deliver?

Learn how to do so here

8 Ways to Engage Students with Technology​

When used well, technology can help you craft learning experiences that get students so immersed they forget to leave when the bell goes.

Here’s how to make it happen