Our Mathseeds Pot Plant Project kit is a fantastically unique and exciting way for lower primary students to develop a love of maths, while working on an enjoyable plant growth class project.

With your support and guidance, your students will embark on a phenomenal journey, where not only will they build fundamental numeracy skills, but will learn how to work well in a team.

What’s included in this awesome kit?

  • Teacher Guide – This contains all the essential information, lesson plans and key tips needed to guide your students through this project.
  • Student Workbooks – A 16-page activity book that students will progress through as they work on this fun project.
  • Materials List – Additional items you’ll need to collect to complete this project (don’t worry, they are all easy to source!).
  • 4-week free trial of Mathseeds*

Watch your students love of maths grow as they:


Practice maths concepts with
interactive Mathseeds lessons.


Reinforce and master skills
with the workbook activities.


Embark on a fun project
growing a plant.

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*4-week free access is only available to schools without a current subscription to the program.