World Education Games - Team WEG
World Education Games - Team WEG

The World Education Games are back and one dedicated crew is here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Meet Priya, Malik, Leigh, Jessica, Imani and Kenji. As official mascots, these bright young things are tasked with making these the best Games yet, and will be supporting all participating students. Drawn from across the world, they are a diverse bunch – maybe even a little like you…

  • 6 years old

  • Jaipur, India

  • Science facts, playing dress-up, drawing, story-telling time.

  • Bedtime, yucky food.

  • Priya is the youngest and most energetic out of her brothers and sisters. She is a very keen learner even at her young age and is always curious. After school, Priya’s mother spends time with her finding fun science facts on the internet.

  • 9 years old

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Fast Cars, motorbikes, electronic music, video games, technology.

  • Heights, snakes, girly stuff, when someone beats his high scores!

  • When it comes to competitions, Malik is top of the class both online and in school. His teachers often call him “Quick Malik” because of his impressive ability to answer questions really fast. His room is full of trophies and certificates that he has won from many competitions and he is very proud of his large collection.

  • 16 years old

  • Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Dr Who, football, skiing, hanging with friends, chocolate, writing and literature.

  • Detention, public speaking, spelling mistakes.

  • Leigh is usually seen as a Team Leader. Often described as the “sportiest”, his active nature whether he is outside or in class keeps him alert and ready to take on any challenges at hand. In his down time however, he likes to engage in writing activities. He enjoys writing short sci-fi stories but is shy in sharing them with his friends and classmates.

  • 15 years old

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Concerts, netball, photography, reading, researching, Instagram, musicals, blogging, being a “nerd”.

  • Spiders, pimples, exams.

  • Jessica is a bright and chirpy self-described “nerd” which she is proud of. She is the best researcher in her class and is good at memorizing facts. Her knowledge of so many things comes from her reading and she has a great amount of novels and magazines that she has collected over the past years. She also spends time posting on her blog about all the things that inspire her. She hopes to become be a journalist just like her mother.

  • 8 years old

  • Cape Town, South Africa

  • Climbing trees, science experiments, camping, hockey, animals.

  • Wet weather, bullies, cleaning up, when her pets get sick.

  • Imani is quiet and thoughtful but also a bit of an adventurer. She likes to spend time in the outdoors observing animals and pondering about how things work. When she’s not at school she likes to make up fun science experiments at home, which usually causes a bit of mess. Luckily for her parents, she is usually outside.

  • 11 years old

  • Toronto, Canada

  • J-Pop, breakdancing, sneakers, robotics, comics, hotdogs.

  • Bugs, homework, being serious.

  • Kenji lives with his two dads just outside the city of Toronto. He is seen as the prankster amongst his friends. A little mischievous and never too serious, he maintains a fun and care-free attitude and is always happy to help friends out when it comes to problem-solving.