WordFlyers enables you to gain insights into students’ progress and development. Easily identify and address gaps in knowledge with targeted content to help students develop their literacy.


View results for individual students or an entire class with live, comprehensive reports. Instantly identify how every student is progressing, whether they need to be challenged or if they require additional support to master a specific skill.

Self-tracked Progress

Online tutorials and automated marking provide students with instant feedback and results, empowering them to track their own progress and take control of their individual learning journey.

Assigning Tasks

WordFlyers makes it easy to assign students activities specific to their individual learning needs. Set tasks to improve skills, challenge students’ understanding or even refresh knowledge.

Additional Resources

Teachers get access to an abundance of additional student worksheets and teacher guides to support students’ literacy learning.

For Teachers

  • Live reporting gives you a view of your class’s performance in one place

  • Personalise learning by assigning relevant and challenging activities to specific students

  • Access a wealth of additional worksheets and teacher resources to support student learning

For Students

  • Practice autonomy by tracking their own progress

  • Free to explore all content and activities and build skills at their own pace

  • Texts and activities are designed to develop literacy skills at all ability levels

  • Automatic marking enables students to instantly see results

  • Ongoing motivation and rewards ensure students stay on track and engaged with learning

“I love that it caters to students’ ability levels and that they can learn at their own pace.”
Leah Nicholls, Belgrave Heights Christian School
Students across all year levels enjoy using WordFlyers, and this year our NAPLAN results for Year 9’s improved overall in reading,spelling, grammar,and punctuation.
Jenny Fantinel, Coordinator of English, Humanities,and LOTE, Para Hills High School
We use WordFlyers to give us information about students’ literacy skills and development and use the reports for our own report writing to gauge student engagement.
Sue Wendt, English Teacher, Unley High School

Ensure every student is on the path to literacy success.

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